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Jan 3, 2008 10:15 AM

Asian-Style Crab in SF?

Since it's crab season, I was looking for tips on good places to eat crab in SF (preferably near financial district/downtown, but if it's really good, I can go further). But, I was hoping for recommendations more on the Asian (Southeast and South, included) style.

I just got back from Singapore where I had some unbelievable crab prepared in a variety of ways... black pepper, white pepper, etc.

I've had the crab at Kim Thanh on Geary a few years ago, which I seem to recall being quite good...


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  1. I love the roasted crab at La Vie in the Richmond - here's my report (with lots of helpful parking hints from other posters)

    1. PPQ

      PPQ Dungeness Island
      2332 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

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        Second on PPQ. Thumbs down for Thanh Long.

        1. There's always the old standby, Crustacean - which is near where you asked for on Van Ness and California - the black pepper crab is exceptional, as are the garlic noodles. Drunken crab is also excellent.

          Do NOT order anything else off the menu, as I have found most everything else mediocre and/or overpriced - they also require a collared shirt, so be aware of that when you go.

          Cheers, JH

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          1. re: jhirshon

            And no jeans, or so I was told a few years back.

            1. re: wally

              Jeans are ok (as are tennis shoes), but no athletic wear -- t-shirts, track suits, baseball caps, etc.


            2. re: jhirshon

              My great-aunt loves Crustacean, so I've been there a couple of times, but I would never choose to go there. I wasn't that impressed by the crab, and I thought the garlic noodles were overly greasy. Yeah, I know they're supposed to have lots of butter and garlic, but these were past even my high-grease threshold (maybe because they weren't hot enough). The rest of the food is beyond mediocre -- in two meals there I can only remember one dish I liked: the banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe/pancake) was surprisingly good.

              1. re: jhirshon

                Crustacean is good, but I much prefer Thanh Long in the (way) Outer Sunset. Thanh Long is owned by the same family but opened first. I don't know what it is, but I really liked the garlic noodles there better. The tamarind crab is so good.

              2. not downtown, but in my nieghborhood I am partial to Lotus Garden for crab...they have a crab tank....

                Lotus Garden
                3216 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110