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Jan 3, 2008 09:56 AM

Port Wine Sauce.....How To?

I would like to know how to make a good port wine sauce. Used to be a resturant I ate at that served a beef medalion dish with a roasted port wine sauce. It was and still is my favorite meal to date. Sorry to say that the chef has left and the new resturant he works at doesn't offer the same dish. I pleaded with him to give me the recipe to no avail. I do know the sauce is a two day process starting with the roasting of veal bones. Anyone know where to find a good recipe for that or would like to share one with me. I know there are several that you can make in a flash but I'm sure the best ones take some time.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Bob Franklin

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  1. The 2 day process which includes roasting of the veal bones is basically unrelated to "port wine sauce." It is the way you make veal demi glace, which can be the base for a zillion difft. sauces and other preparations.

    The sauce in question is no doubt a port wine reduction sauce enriched with veal demi glace.

    Do you want to make your own veal demi glace? If so, I'm not the one to give you step by step instruction.

    You can also buy it.

    Assuming you have your hands on some, a basic recipe would be to sautee some aromatics (garlic, shallots) and maybe mushrooms, deglaze with port, reduce, add demi glace (and maybe water -- follow directions), dissolve, simmer, mount with butter if desired. Some people prefer a strained sauce; some enjoy it enriched with cream.

    1. Yes, Hamster is correct. You first make a a veal stock to then make an espagnole or brown sauce (using veal stock, pork fat, carrot, onion, thyme, bay leaf, brown roux, white wine and tomato paste). You then make a demi glace from the brown sauce (reducing to 2/3 and then adding a very spicy veal stock and, off flame, some port). For the port wine sauce you need to saute mushroom trimmings and stalks in very hot butter, add the demi glace, strain out the mushroom bits; reduce the port a bit and then add to the final sauce off flame, finish with more butter. Do you realy want to do it? Its easy but time consuming and requires several steps.

      1. This is going to sound like heresy, but if you want a port sauce that's tasty and quite easy combine equal amounts of port and beef stock (even good quality store-bought beef broth will do) and a splash of red wine and boil the heck out of it until it reduces to the desired consistency- n.b. it will never get really syrupy. I like to saute some mushrooms (shitake, cremini, button, etc) with butter, shallots, and thyme and add the reduced sauce to the mixture before serving. Easy and good.

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          Heresy, maybe, but what you describe is what I'd do if cooking just for myself.