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Jan 3, 2008 09:39 AM

Where to eat off the Red Line?

I have today off so I was thinking of taking the Metro Red Line downtown for lunch. I was looking at Phillipe's Famous French Dip cause they are only a block or two from Union Station. Anyone else have a better idea that is in reasonable walking distance from the Red Line between NoHo and LA?

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  1. Langers Deli for excellent pastrami, 7th & Alvarado

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      I second Langers but if you want to go upscale take the train to 7th and Fig/Flower and walk a block down to Fig and 9th and go to Roy's - they have a fabulous Hawaiianesque bento box for lunch.

      If you do go to Langer's, walk a block West and pick up some tamales at Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe on 7th (just across the street from the park).

      1. A few months ago, someone started a series of threads of stop-by-stop chow for all subway lines; haven't searched for it but it's there.

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            That's the link. It's fairly comprehensive.

            One thing that should be noted is that the Pershing Square stop leading to Grand Central Market can't be underplayed. There's LOTS to eat at the Grand Central Market.

        1. The Sunset/Vermont station is walking distance from the culinary delights of Los Feliz Village: vermont, Il Capriccio and Il Capriccio Pizzeria, Niko Niko, Lempira, Figaro Cafe, Fred 62, Cobras and Matadors, Electric Lotus, Palermo, Tiger Lily, Mes Amis, Yai's Thai, Square One, The Kitchen and probably others I've forgotten.

          1. I went to Mama's Hot Tamelles and they were the best I've ever had. I stopped at Langers on the way out and got a half a pound of pastrami and a loaf of rye to take home for dinner. Thanks for all the help.