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2008 Restaurant Week MENUS

Since DCFoodies.com haven't put up their list of RW menus yet I thought I would start a thread for Chowhound.

Some restaurants still haven’t posted their menus but this should serve as a start. If you see menu’s posted please add to this thread.

For the complete list of restaurants participating go to: http://www.washington.org/restaurantwk/

And now for the menus:

15ria- http://www.15ria.com/menu/menu.cfm

Ardeo- Offering entire menu http://www.ardeorestaurant.com/

Belga Cafe- Lunch: http://www.belgacafe.com/pdf/Restaura...
Dinner: http://www.belgacafe.com/pdf/Restaura...

Bistro Bis-

Caucus Room (also Sam and Harry's)- http://www.thecaucusroom.com/JanuaryR...

Ceiba- http://ceibarestaurant.com/news.html


Georgia Browns- http://www.gbrowns.com/dir/restweek.aspx

Hook- http://www.hookdc.com/restaurant-week...

Mie N Yu-http://www.mienyu.com/story.shtml#nye

The Monocle- http://www.themonocle.com/RestWeek_Ja...

Notti Bianche- Lunch: http://www.gwuinn.com/pdf/rest-lunch-...
Dinner: http://www.gwuinn.com/pdf/rest-dinner...

Prime Rib-http://www.theprimerib.com/restweek-d...

I Ricchi- http://www.iricchi.net/restaurant_wee...

Ristorante Piccolo- http://www.piccolodc.com/index2.htm

Tabaq- http://www.tabaqdc.com/files/restweek...
Tuscana West- http://www.tuscanawest.net/index2.htm


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  1. Thanks for all that research!

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    1. re: juliedc

      It's been a slow week at work...seems as if everyone is still on vacation, which means the Chow Hounds benefit! :)

    2. I wish Spezie would post a menu since their remodel I am sure the menu will be quite different. Anyone know what is typically on Oceanaire's Menu?

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        Here is what the Oceanaire in Baltimore will be serving for Restaurant Week. The DC location usually has a pretty similar Restaurant Week Menu.

        Appetizer: House Salad, Caesar Salad, Cup of New England Clam Chowder, or Red Chili Calamari Asian slaw and Thai chili sauce

        Entrée: Chesapeake Bay Style Lump meat Crab Cakes, Grilled Norwegian Salmon, Brandied apple and dried cherry compote, Grilled Costa Rican Mahi Mahi "Black & Blue", Stuffed Baffin Island Turbot Fillet, Baby Bay shrimp, brie cheese and blue crab, 16 oz. Pork Porterhouse, or 6 oz. Filet Mignon

        Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk, Tin Roof Sundae, or Fresh Seasonal Sorbet

          1. re: ktmoomau

            I went to Oceanaire in DC a few years back during restaurant week, and was very disappointed. There were only three or four entrees available, and all were very basic things I could have cooked myself. I distinctly remember that the crabcakes were not on the menu. But from Mini's post, it sounds like it has gotten more interesting.

      2. has anyone heard anything about mio during restaurant week? i don't see a menu but i'm intrigued.

        1. To add...PS7s...


          At least, that's where the info should be when they post it! :)

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          1. Just as a note, I just spoke with Les Halles, and they are not serving Steak Frites as part of either their lunch or dinner RW menu. :(

            1. farrah olivia-
              click on events, then on january 8 thru 31 restaurant week menu

              1. Oya's menus are now on their website

                1. Thanks also for all the research. Also, I have never done the RW thing. I have always wanted to try Agraria and my bf has wanted to try some of the French restaurants on the list. However, given my BF's personality, if the waiter is condescending or you have to beg for the RW menu, it will be an extremely unpleasant evening, so I would appreciate restaurants to avoid on these grounds.

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                  1. re: elbows

                    Go to Bistro Bis then...you won't have a snooty waiter, won't be looked down upon for ordering from the RW menu, and you will treated to a delicious, French meal. Plus the menu offers a lot of different dishes (albeit with a number of up-charges).

                    Usually when I go, I sit at the bar, I just tend to really like the bartenders there, they are very friendly. So if you are unable to get a regular reservation, you can always give the bar a shot.

                  2. Add this to the list:

                    701- http://www.701restaurant.com/ (go to events)

                      1. Does anyone have a list of the restaurants that will be participating beyond 1/20? Typically, roughly a dozen or extend beyond one week. I Farrah Olivia has extended.


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                        1. re: UStifosi

                          according to dcfoodies.com:

                          Restaurants Extending DC Restaurant Week
                          Whole Month of January
                          Il Mulino
                          Tabaq Bistro

                          2 weeks
                          Farrah Olivia - Jan. 31
                          Posh - Feb. 2

                          1 week
                          Corduroy - Jan. 26
                          Georgia Browns - Jan. 25
                          IndeBleu - Jan. 27
                          Jaleo - Jan. 27
                          Oyamel - Jan. 28
                          Teatro Goldoni - Jan. 27
                          Willow - Jan. 27

                          1. re: hungeegirl

                            And here's a link to their menu list and RW info site: http://www.dcfoodies.com/

                            If you can't find it above, chances are its on that site.

                            1. re: hungeegirl

                              Willow is Jan. 20- 26, and Jan. 28-Feb.1.
                              Farrah Olivia is Jan. 8-Jan. 31


                          2. Agraria:


                            Looks like they're expanding it a week as well. I was surprised at how limited the menu was. I have plans to go next Sunday - hopefully I can get brunch if this is the menu!

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                            1. re: Jeserf

                              haha, i was just about to post the same exact thing. why is the menu so limited? only 3 (semi boring) options for the dinner entree? :( i really wanted to go here too.

                              1. re: hungeegirl

                                you don't have to order off that menu.

                                i'm going to a group brunch/lunch next sunday, and i fully intend on ordering from the brunch menu. i can easily do that for under $20.

                            2. has anyone ever tried posh for RW?