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Jan 3, 2008 09:18 AM

Suckling Pig in Manhattan

I have some family coming into town this weekend and was wondering if there are any restaurants in the city that prepare it. I know that the Spotted Pig at one time had it on weekends. Do they still do it? If so, would I have to call in advance? Thanks!

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  1. On my way to the airport on the M60 last week I passed by a Puerto Rican lechoneria on 125th just east of 3rd Ave that looked full of promise if you're looking for a whole pig. Beacon Elvie's on 1st Ave and 14th makes an okay lechon kawali on weekends. You might also try the suckling pig dishes at AOC Bedford, EMP, Fleur de Sel and Blue Smoke.

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      Try the whole pig feast at Daisy May. Its a blast of you can get 20 people to join you. BYOB makes it even better.

    2. Daisy May's would probably be a fun choice, but be aware that it's ultra-casual - formica tables, a couple of wall-mounted televisions, paper plates and paper napkins casual. What you want is the "Big Pig Gig." And, yes, you do have to order a couple of days in advance.

      Daisy May's BBQ
      623 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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        completely agree- we did this for a friends bday a couple years ag and it was a great time. but YES. CASUAL. were talkin latex gloves and plastc apron- casual. Actually, the pig is GREAT fun ( who doesnt like to eat with their hands?) but the pork butt is even tastier!

      2. Over the years I have tried many versions of Roast Baby Suckling Pig.....

        Italian, Spanish, Cuban, American BBQ, Filipino, German, French....and others.....

        A long while back, NY Magazine did a feature during the Holidays on who had the best Roast Pig in the City and they mentioned all the places offering it at the time.... but there was a glaring omission which they finally mentioned in ending the article. More or less, it simply stated.....

        We did not mention any Chinese Restaurants, but Go to any Chinese BBQ Restaurant in Chinatown and you will find the best Roast Pig in the city....the places where they hang the roasted meats in the window.

        My three recommendations are:

        Great NY Noodle Town
        28 Bowery @ Bayard
        212-349 0923

        Big Wong King
        67 Mott Street
        212.964 0594
        *They definitely have roast Pig, but I do not know if they have Baby Suckling Pig

        Unknown name of restaurant. Wang or Wong, but on the north side of Bayard Street between Mott and Elizabeth. The nicest and most comfortable of the three locations.

        ****An added bonus is they all have Roast Duck, Roast Pork and Spare Ribs.

        BTW......Chinese preparations have the best crispy skin......especially the BSP.

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        1. re: fourunder

          Hsin Wong?

          Hsin Wong
          72 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

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            squid kun,

            Thank you again for cleaning up my general area location and name for others. You're better than MapQuest.

        2. AOC Bedford (in the Village on Bedford just west of 6th) prepares it for a minimum of 2 people. Nice piece of pig, and a cozy restaurant. If you go and crepes suzettes are available for dessert, try an order - the aroma alone is worth it.

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            AOC is uber civilized -- think white tablecloths, wine glasses with huge globes to let big wines aerate -- and pretty much the antithesis of Daisy May's. I'd also call ahead, though the restaurant doesn't require it explicitly. Sometimes the roasted suckling pig isn't available.

          2. Tia Pol has a great one.