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Jan 3, 2008 09:15 AM

Wrights at the Biltmore?

Is this a decent restaurant? I have the opportunity to buy a $100 gift certificate there for $50 and would appreciate opinions of the food, service, etc., if you have dined there. I've been to the hotel but never eaten there. I also read their menu online, which looks good, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything!


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  1. well,

    i went last year, but it was before they had a chef change. and i will say - it was a fantastic meal. their sommelier is fantastic, the bread stewards were great, the duck appetizer rocked, the oregon basil fed escargot were amazing and my buffalo steak was the best buffalo i've ever had.

    and the seasonal souffles for dessert were stellar.

    like i said tho - it was before their changing of the guard. haven't been back since

    1. We've dined there on several occasions over the last 10 years. Most have been good, and their "smoked tenderloin" was one of the best pieces of beef, I have ever eaten. We've also attended several wine events there, but they have all been less than satisfactory. Just because the winemaker is in attendance, and the price is $200/person, is not reason to offer up mediocre food and the wineries' low-end bottlings.

      They have changed chefs and directions, since we were last there, so my comments carry little weight.