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Jan 3, 2008 09:11 AM

devon & blakely

i went to the new devon & blakely on F St. it's across from the food court at the natl press building, which is where i was planning on going -- i should have trusted my instincts and gone to 5 guys. obviously, i was underwhelmed. i had a small "turkey" chili, which was beef chili. good thing i eat beef. ebbitt has much better chili. i also got a half thai chicken wrap. BORING. it was so bland that i threw it out (why waste calories?!!?). i'll definitely try the place again -- they have 19 soups a day, but for $10, i expect a more.

did someone report that pret a manger is moving here?

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  1. These were a staple in NYC, nice to hear they are expanding.
    They should do well here, less competition (unfortunately).
    Frequented them rarely to never.
    I've always viewed them as a Dean & Deluca cafe / Cosi / Pret a Manger wanna-be.

    1. I just went today, it's a nice "alternative" to Cosi/Au Bon Pain/Lawson's/1791 Cafe/Philips and of course I won't speak on the anointed king of go-to lunch places, Pot Belly.