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Jan 3, 2008 08:41 AM

What to order at Fiamma

Friends from out of town are taking us--I haven't been there since Trabocchi took over and would love to know what is good there now. Thanks for any advice, Hounds!

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  1. Read the reviews, we are canceling our Sat .res.

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    1. re: Raisel

      Based on the reviews? If so, why when they have been so good?

      1. re: oysterspearls

        I am curious about this as well...the only negative thing I have seen in blogs/reviews was in regards to price increases...oh, and that report about the Top Chef chick getting mad when extra courses were sent to her table.

    2. I had dinner here a couple weeks ago and didn't think the food was worth the lofty prices, but did enjoy the meal. The snail and scallop appetizer was cooked in a rich, satisfying sauce (albeit a little too rich), and the tortellini dish was very good. I also enjoyed the roasted veal rib eye and braised cheeks; the alba hazelnuts added a nice contrasting texture. The roasted pear salad for dessert was also great, but the portion was ridiculously tiny for a $12 dish, so I wouldn't waste your money on it.

      1. We ate there last night. The setting is lovely. The portions, I thought, were absurdly small for the money--and the food itself was good but not great. Slightly too salty for my taste. Based on reviewers' recommendations, I ordered burrata and beets (should have been called burrata and beet, since there was maybe one mini-beet in the dish), lasagne and panna cotta. $89 for three courses, which were also slow to arrive. Servers were reasonably attentive so I suspect that it may have been the kitchen holding things up.

        I wound up feeling fairly ripped off. Then again, take my opinion with a grain of salt because I am over the whole formal-dining scene. There is so much good food available now in the middle- and low-price tiers that the fuss, drama and pretentiousness--and laughable prices--of the top tier never seem worth it anymore. I have a good palate and grew up eating one- and two-star Michelin French food--in France--so it's not that I don't know good food from bad. And God knows I care about food. But if I'm going to pay three times as much as I could be paying, I insist that what I eat be three times as good--and, in my recent high-end experiences (including, to take one example, EMP) that hasn't been true.