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Jan 3, 2008 08:39 AM

Clevelanders East AND West: Fave Ethinic place?

To Clevelanders on BOTH sides of the Cuyahoga LOL!

What is YOUR favorite Ethic Eat in the Metro area?

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  1. Pacific East consistently has the freshest sushi in the area but they also have great Malaysian food.

    El Tango has great Latin American food. The soups are phenomenal. Seriously - Best. Soup. Ever. I like the green chile stew.

    Siam Cafe has amazing Chinese food even though the name suggests that they're a Thai restaurant. They also have great Vietnamese food and Thai food, too. I've mentioned some specific favorites of mine in several other threads.

    Asia Food is a grocery store but they have a "Tea House" in the back with a small menu of mostly Vietnamese food. The tea house also has a few Hong Kong style Chinese dishes. The grocery store also offers a small variety of prepared foods and fresh baked goods. I've had some of those long donut like things and a flat donut-esque, sesame covered item that were both good.

    I've just started going to a new Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Que Huong. I've been pleased with all of my meals and I'm looking forward to going back. They took over the space that housed Long Phung.

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      I finally got around to trying Flying Cranes on Larchmere. I had curry udon. It was fantastic. The menu is small but the quality more than compensates for that. They have a couple other styles of udon, a couple types of teriyaki, miso soup, a salad and curry over rice. In addition to the small selection of Japanese items they have a small selection of other things. Soups, salads and sandwiches, I think. I didn't really pay much attention.

      My next adventure will be to Wonton at 33rd and Payne. I just read an interview where Douglas Trattner recommends it. And while we're in that neighborhood, has anyone tried Wu's Shanghai on Rockwell?

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        I forgot to add a link to Flying Cranes in the Chow places database.

        flying cranes
        cleveland, oh, cleveland, oh

    2. Gawd, we are all about the ethnic eats here in Cleveland, too many places to list.

      Balaton on Shaker Square has GREAT Hungarian.

      I like Nuevo Acapulco for cheap, tasty tex-mex (N. Olmsted)

      I think Carrie Cerino's is one of the best restaurants in town. They have both authentic Italian dishes and your more normal (think lasagne, spag & meatballs) italian food. They are SW side.

      Anatolia Cafe (E side) is fantastic Turkish food

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      1. re: rockandroller1

        rockandroller, I want to try Anatolia. Do you have any suggestions?

        German food, Der Braumeister on W120 and Lorain is the best.

        My preferred Mexican is the west side Mi Pueblo location.

        I love both Bo Loong and Li Wah for Chinese.

        Johnny's Bar on Fulton is my favorite French.

        I'm still looking for great Indian.

        1. re: Kelli2006

          There isn't really great Indian food in Cleveland restaurants IMO. For my money, Jaipur is about the best of what there is to be had. I do like the masala dosa on the menu at Saffron Patch (same owners as Jaipur I think).

          1. re: luckygirl

            The Best Indian I have had is in London, but I can't exactly jump on a plane today(also spouse just flew this am to the West Coast and it trying to figure out how to bring some Columbo's Sourdough home without security going nuts!)

            Cleveland has some decent Indian places and it also depends on what you are looking for. Northern or Southern and then get into regions...I lived in London for a few years as did my spouse and we are both fans mostly of Northern Cuisine. One of my best friends is from Madras and makes excellent food, but that it southern. She came to visit me this summer with her children. We went to India Garden in Lakewood which is pretty good.Northern cuisine. The owners of the restaurant also have a little grocery across from The Beck and are most helpful to offer home cooking advice for people adventurous to cook Indian at home

            I keep hearing Udupi in Parma is good.

          2. re: Kelli2006

            Every time we go we add a little something and take part of our 'main' order home but the main is so good, we just can't get away from it. It is expensive though. We get the mixed appetizer plate for 2 and then the mixed grill for two. The app plate is HUGE and would be a meal for 2 people who normally don't eat a lot (we can eat quite a bit). It has hummous (the best in town IMO), baba, grapeleaves and some wonderful other things like an eggplant-pepper type salad and a yogurt-dill sauce for dipping warm, fresh pita into. The mixed grill has a skewer each of grilled chicken kabob, lamb kabob (chunks), ground lamb kebab and then shaved lamb over a huge plate of savory rice pilaf with a few big chunks of grilled vegetable. We usually take some of this home and try 1 other thing each time we go. I've not had anything there i don't like and this is one of the few places I can tolerate eating lamb as it doesn't taste super gamey there like it does most other places I've had it. I actually LIKE it.

            1. re: rockandroller1

              Anatolia sounds very good. I love the food at the local Alladins chain, and I will have to try this the next time I am on the east side.

        2. I like Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant east of downtown on St.Clair. Great food and ambiance.

          I also like Jaipur Junction in North Royalton. Delicious Indian food, although the ambiance is lacking. The last time I was there it was really dirty, too.

          1. If you don't mind *really* East side, try the Dubrovnik Garden Restaurant in the Croatian Lodge in Eastlake.

            For Mexican I agree with the post above that recommended Nuevo Acapulco, but I prefer El Rodeo. They've got several locations, East and West. I first went based on a review that said they hire their cooks from Mexico, give them the menu, and let each one do his own recipe. So every night it can be a little different, but I've never been disappointed. (Oh, and I could make an entire meal out of the fresh tortilla chips and home-made salsa.)

            Dubrovnik Garden
            34900 Lake Shore Blvd, Willoughby, OH 44095

            El Rodeo
            6030 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH

            El Rodeo
            6935 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH

            El Rodeo
            23135 Lorain Rd North, Olmsted, OH

            El Rodeo
            30610 Detroit Rd, Westlake, OH 44145

            1. I moved from Cleveland five months ago, but here are my choices (mostly on the East side, since I lived in Cleve Hts)...

              Pacific East for Japanese/sushi-- ummmm. I miss that place.

              Mint Cafe for Thai (right next to Pac East!)-- the Thai basil dish is my favorite there, but everything is awesome

              Siam Cafe for Chinese; Tom's Seafood or Bo Loong for dim sum (had dim sum in Memphis-where I am now- this weekend- didn't hold a candle!)

              Momocho for Mex-type food (mmmm)

              My latest fave for Indian was Madras Cafe on Wilson Mills- I only had carry out, but was delish. I ate at Cafe Tandoor a lot because it was down the street, but it could be really inconsistent

              Superior Pho or #1 Pho (both at 31st and Superior) for Vietnamese. The former I think was my favorite, but I discovered it only shortly before moving.

              Before the restaurant closed, I always loved Amir's for Lebanese/Middle Eastern. The old Falafel Cafe (when it was on Cedar in south euclid) was good, too.

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                oops- can't believe I forgot this one-- Pnomh Phenh (sp?) on Detroit at W. 131st is awesome Cambodian fare. There is an outpost of the restaurant on W. 25th now, too, but I think the original is still better. Mmmm. I ALWAYS ordered the noodle dish with omelet and crushed spring roll on top. Soooooo freakin; good.