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Mar 26, 2001 06:42 PM

Vicenti's, Brentwood

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Anyone have any comments on this place?

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  1. Seriously good food. A good friend who gets out a lot more than I do and is a serious foodie (I totally trust his opinions on this) told me the other day that Vincenti was one of his "top two" in L.A. (Campanile was the other). I've been a few times, but not lately and have no specific food recommendations.

    Also a good wine list. Great space. And Maureen (it's her place) is a kick.

    Only downsides are prices (this quality does not come cheap or even moderate) and the fact that Vincenti does not stay open very late.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: cooney

      Sounds like cooney's friend is either J. Gold or T. Armitage. I disagree with both of those restaurants but they disagree with me on my favorite restaurants too.

      1. re: Larry

        Neither (it would be great to dine with either of them!), though my friend happens to be a former colleague of Jonathan's at the Times (and not SIV).