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Jan 3, 2008 07:42 AM

Cuban Food in DC area

Hey guys! Does anyone know of any Real cuban food in the area??? Or just a bakery or something that sells/bakes Real Cuban Bread???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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  1. Carribean Grill on Columbia Pike in Arlington has mostly Cuban food and it is really good, but I don't think they don't make Cuban bread. But you could call and check?

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      No Cuban Bread there, hek, they don't even serve croquettes.

      That's another one, if anyone knows where to get good Croquettes at, I'd love to know! And I'll take any kind, ham, turkey, sausage, Bacalao...

      Thanks again!

      1. re: jhnyblz

        Hmm well perhaps you should try out some of the other places on Tyler Cowen's ethnic dining guide Cuban list. I can't recommend any since I haven't been, but you could call places to see if they had what you wanted before you made the drive?

      2. re: ktmoomau

        there is a caribbean grill on lee hwy at george mason. same company?

        1. re: alkapal

          That's what I meant, I get all these roads down here mixed up... Too many lords and generals.

      3. Giant stores often have a basket of Cuban bread next to the French Baguettes. I've tried it for sandwiches, it's not bad.

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        1. re: MsDiPesto

          Harris Teeter also carries Cuban bread in their deli section.

          Banana Cafe on 8th has Cuban items, but they're nothing special.

        2. Cuban Corner in Rockville, MD

          Cubanos in SIlver Spring, MD - get the sampling platter. Very good. A bit elegant, even. Slow service. The best place I've tried.

          Cuba de Ayer - Burtonsville, MD - very far outer suburbs, not woth it IMO.

          Havana Cafe - In the International Square Mall at 18th and Eye Sts, NW. Food Court Cuban - only the masitas are good here. Mostly dried out stuff, but maybe if you hit it on a good day.....

          There are some pan-Caribbean or pan-Latin places that have a few Cuban selections on the menu:

          Caribbean Breeze in Arlington, Va; Sabores, Cleveland Park; Rumberos, Columbia Heights.

          1. Maybe try Banana Cafe on Capitol Hill--the owner is Cuban.


            1. Having spent some time in South Florida, I don't bother looking for Cuban food around here.

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              1. re: Bob W

                Just got back from 2 weeks in Florida and got my Cuban fix, as well as Brazilian and Argentine. You know the expression "core competency?" DC is good at a lot of culinary things, but Cuban isn't one of them. Alternate suggestion: Go to New Jersey if Florida's too inconvenient.