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Jan 3, 2008 07:34 AM

Bistro-type food in Jackson Heights or vicinity?

What would be the closest thing to a French bistro-type place in Jackson Heights or close by? I have a hankering for steak frites or roast chicken or something similarly warm and cozy in this cold weather and don't want to venture all the way to Tournesol to get it.
Didn't someone post once about opening a place like this? Did it ever happen?

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  1. I would love to see this type of restaurant in Jackson Heights also. It would be a first in the neighborhood. And you're right...this has been posted before by the interested party. Not sure what happened though.

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      There was something about it on one of the JH lists in the last day or two. Since there really isn't anything like it in (or right around) the neighborhood, I really hope the person moves ahead with it.

    2. What about Novo (78-23 37th Ave), or, for a Spanish bistro, Meson Asturias on 83rd?

      1. The closest I know of would be in LIC:
        Cafe Henri or Tournesol.

        1. That's a tough one. La Flor in Woodside, while technically not a bistro, serves steak frites. You can also get delicious Peruvian style roast chicken and frites at Pio Pio.

          1. Jules, fairly close is Bliss Bistro, 45-20 Skillman (#7 to 46th St). A few doors down is Quaint Restaurant, 46-10 Skillman St. Do a search on Chowhound for both and read the reviews. I haven't seen either mentioned in quite a while. Also, do a google search. The owner of Bliss Bistro was formerly at Park Bistro. A restaurant site was offered on 37th Ave in the 80's and someone thought about opening a American/Bistro Restaurant but decided against it. If you do visit Bliss or Quaint please write a review. I haven't been to either so I have no idea which one is best. One did get some negative reviews but I'm not certain which one. You could also post a message asking if anyone has been to either one recently. I'm certain you'll get responses.