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Mar 25, 2001 06:37 PM

Recommedations for the best Al Pastor/Mexican BBQ pork tacos in LA?

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Is it possible to get something as good, if not better than TJ here? I would rather it not be something along the 405 freeway, because of excess traffic.


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  1. Try the al pastor tacos at the truck that parks behind El Taurino on Hoover at 11th Street on weekends. (The stand itself is extremely good, but the truck is somewhere back of beyond.) A consensus favorite.

    1. Try El Gran Burrio, on Santa Monica just west of Vermont. The time to go is in the evening on the weekends, when they have a big outdoor area where basically all they have are al pastor tacos.

      1. Try the stand at 9th St and Broadway downtown. Amazing tacos of all varieties -- at $1 a piece.

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          Ronald Young

          "roast to go" at Central Market, downtown L.A.,on Hill St. between 3rd and 4th is my favorite for soft tacos.

          1. LOS TACOS-Santa Monica Blvd. between Fairfax and Crescent Heights at the edge of West Hollywood. Open 24hrs a day. Get the carnitas taco combo. Order it with everything (salsa, cilantro and onions).The meat is flavorful and the special salsa they use is intense(not too spicy but with a hint of chipoltle) but only adds to the taste. Their beans are dreamy too. Make sure you take a bit of sour cream to dab ion the tacos. Yum!!!