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MSP - Corned Beef Hash

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My first meal of 2008 was likely one of the best I'll have all year. Our peaked pack of partiers showed up at the Square Peg Diner (East Hennepin just east of Stinson) at about 12:30 on Tuesday, in lieu of me making an eggbake at home. I had heard about their corned beef hash from my parents, and in our first trip there a month or so back we were treated to a sample from the head chef/owner. He corns the beef himself, so it's not always available. When I saw it on the board of specials this time, I didn't even take a menu. This was by far the best corned beef hash I've ever had. It really makes the canned stuff I've learned to enjoy seem like Alpo. With 2 eggs and a slice of toast for $7, it was one hell of a deal for something so fresh. Living in NE Mpls, I will gladly frequent the Square Peg for their hash alone.

Where else in the Twin Cites takes pride in their corned beef hash? I want to know.


Square Peg
2021 E Hennepin Ave Ste 190, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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  1. ike., thanks for the excellent tip.

    Here is a link to a thread 10 months ago on the subject. I don't have a whole lot to update on my earlier post -- hopefully others have new ground to cover:


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      Thanks for the link. You'd think that searching "corned beef hash" would've turned that thread up, but obviously not!

      If anyone's going to try Square Peg for hash, I'd suggest calling first to see if they're serving it that day. They list it as a Tuesday/Wednesday breakfast special, so sometimes it's sold out by the weekend. We lucked out by having New Year's on a Tuesday!

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        i got skewered on one of my first ever chowhound posts on a thread about pancakes. i said i liked the pancake at square peg, & people bit my head off like i'd rec'd denny's or perkins or something! i can't believe i still remember this! i still like square peg's pancake. it's not the blueberry pancake at al's or the ricotta pancake at hell's kitchen but it's a very good diner-style buttermilk cake imo. since square peg's in the neighborhood of work, i've learned that some of their breakfast options tend to be pretty good (diner food chow, wish that someone would open a diner that didn't use processed cheese), & i'll have to try the hash on your rec, ike. every single time i've given a lunch special or sandwich a try there i have been disappointed, though! :(

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          In my quest for a corned beef hash thread, I did come across your lambasting. Funny.

          The first time I went there I got the Denver sandwich (egg), which was decent. Since the CBH is a breakfast special likely served all day, you should be golden if they're serving it. The chef always comes out to talk to you too, which is a great touch.

    2. I can tell you who has the worst corned beef hash in town: Curran's. Literally, straight from the can. Dinty Moore's, I believe.

      1. In the book of the foods I have never learned to enjoy, there are two entries: corned beef hash and cauliflower. Both not from a lack of trying, but rather a flaw in my palate.

        But being a northeaster I am super-curious about this place. I can see soupkitten isn;t a fan, but what is your take on the rest of the food? Sounds like a greasy spoon ala Ideal Diner or Al's. Is that accurate?

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          actually, i do *like* square peg as a breakfast diner experience, but wouldn't rec its lunch items, based on experience. they do a fair diner omelet (less greasy than our kitchen or ideal, again, prepared w processed cheese). & i like their pancake but wouldn't drive across town for anything they cook. they don't use any of the little things like asparagus or real blueberries or pottery jam holders that elevate the experience at al's. they bring you the jelly in the little packet and the syrup in the perkin's jug (i don't use) and the middle aged waitress who's always working remembers everybody and is one of those great diner waitresses who's on top of it & keeps it human. greasy spoon, yes-- but they do try, on a couple of items-- sounds like the hash is one. i got awfully burned out on the whole egg & i/sunnyside up/breakfast at uptown bar thing when i lived in uptown so i find square peg refreshing & at least you don't drop $40-$50 on freaking breakfast for 2 (okay, the bloody marys didn't help. . .) i dunno maybe hit square peg some time when you know al's will be too packed to wait outside in the cold, but before you go to the ideal--

        2. Not on the other list is the Grand Cafe. They have a Kobe Beef Hash that is excellent.

          1. Good gawd, ike., thanks for this rec. As a profligate hash-maker at home, I love to have someone else make it. Sorry if this year's only three days old (not damning with faint praise!), but you have my vote for suggesting the most-sought-after-thing-on my radar this year. Great tip on calling first to check if it's on the menu..

            Drooling over CB hash,

            1. hey-- so i was lucky enough to be taken to hell's kitchen for breakfast the other day, and they have a new, expanded menu, which i pored over even though i knew i was gonna eat wild rice porriage and toast (too many carbs? --nah).

              point being that they now have corned beef hash on the permanent menu-- i think that's new, and like everything else at hell's kitchen, probably a contender for best in town.

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                You have just made my day, soupkitten.

                Have they expanded hours or seating?

                1. re: pgokey

                  don't think so, just a new printed menu with more (mostly lunch-type) options. they were packed as usual when we left, though we got there early. . .
                  the major faves are all still on the menu-- lemon-ricotta pancakes, wild rice (mahnomin) porriage, "huevos rancheros of the gods," i think they would be truly stupid to mess with these, though :)

                  they now have a short benedict list in addition to the bison benedict they've offered previously. dh got the pit-ham benedict and declared-- "wow this is even better than lucia's!"--so pretty high praise from him. . .

                  the main changes seemed to be lots more lunchy-type stuff, including ribs! (note that i don't say bbq ribs, because as you all know i'm a snob about what qualifies for real bbq, but i'd be willing to try hk's offering, described on the menu as "slow cooked and finished on the grill")

                  i don't know when the menu changed/expanded, but it appears that it's new enough that they are not currently running their specials board, at least until the menu gets broken in.

                  their website does not appear to be updated. now that i look it seems the corned beef hash was on the old menu, though i've never tried it. can anyone comment?

                2. re: soupkitten

                  The porridge and toast is the only thing I can bring myself to order. I got the crab cake benedict once and was a little disappointed. Adding some maple syrup to that porridge is heavenly.

                  But unless HK corns their own meat, I can't imagine how it could top the Square Peg. It just can't!

                3. For a slightly different take, try the oxtail hash at Blackbird on 50th & bryant