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Where to Buy Tahini Sauce?

I live in Bensonhurst and was wondering if anyone knew a good place to buy tahini sauce? My wife wants to make falafel. Can you get this at the supermarket or is it better to go somewhere more specialized?

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  1. You might want to ask the folks who run the restaurant (Is it called Istambul?) on the corner of 86th and Bay Parkway if you can purchase some from them. They are really nice and might sell you some or at least point you in the right direction

    1. I have found tahini to be available in most grocery stores. I don't think a special trip is necessary. good luck!

      1. Any Russian food store in your area should have it (even though it's not Russian :-))

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          Thx very much everyone. I manged to find tahini sauce at a small Middle eastern grocery on Kings Highway.

        2. A recipe for Tahini Sauce has been split to the Home Cooking board:


          1. Mideast Bakery on 3rd Avenue at 78th Street, Bay Ridge.

            1. Lots of grocery store and supermarkets are carrying it. I usually get mine at Sahadi.

              1. How in the world do these 6 year old threads get resurrected?

                1. Not clear on what's wrong with reviving old threads. Obviously, it happens because the subject matter is still relevant to at least some people.

                  Tahini sauce can be harder to find than plain raw tahini, but it's very easy to make if you can get the raw stuff, which is vaguely like peanut butter. Recipes are abundant ... just google it.

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                    well yes - its so easy to make tahini sauce that I figure the op was looking for tahina