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Where can I buy Sheboygan bratwurst?

I've had it at AT&T Park during Giants games, but do not recall seeing it at the East Bay grocery stores I frequent (Andronico's, Whole Foods). Am I missing it somehow? Are there any places in SF where I could get it?

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  1. Possibly at -
    Seakor Polish Delicatessen and Sausage Factory- On Geary at 23rd?

    I have not been in Little City Market in North Beach for quit some time but they have carried various bratwurst, give them a call.


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      Seakor just sells its own house-made sausages which are Polish and not German. Probably the best thing would be to email the company in the link above and ask where or if it is sold retail in the Bay Area.

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        they offer other sausages besides Polish.

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          In the dairy case? They offer a variety of types of Polish sausages but no wursts afaik.

          It's just that I'd be really surprised for them to carry German wursts given how Polish-centric they are. They don't even carry Russian food.

          Actually I learned from them that all kielbasa means is sausage in Polish. I asked if they had kielbasa and they asked what kind which got me into the list in the link above. Who knew?

          Some of the Russian delis carry Bobak sausages but that's all I recall coming from the Mid-West in terms of brand names

    2. The only Sheboygan Brats you can get out here are Johnsonville and they can be found at Safeway and Albertson's/Lucky. I order online and attribute the Packer's run this year to an exceptional batch I received from the Usinger sausage co. in Milwaukee.

      1. I believe that the Brats at the ballpark are made by the New York Style Sausage Company in Sunnyvale.

        Here's a link to their website:

        Their Brats are listed under Specialty Items here: http://newyorkstylesausage.com/produc...

        And here's their address and phone info:

        New York Style Sausage Company
        1228 Reamwood Avenue
        Sunnyvale, CA 94089

        You can call and ask them which stores carry their Brats. I think that I've seen them at some Bell Markets -- maybe the one on 24th St. in the Noe Valley. I think that they sold both mild and hot versions of the Sheboygan-style Brats.

        1. Dittmer's Wurst Haus in Mt View (San Antonio Rd) has excellent Sheboygan's as well as other sausages and smoked meats. 2nd generation German butchershop. Also Schaub's in the Stanford Shopping Ctr, they are not Sheboygans but a raw homemade bratwurst that is really good. They also have other homemade sausages that are excellent like a Mango Chicken.

          1. I don't know why but I got on a kick for bratwurst this football season. I was in touch with my cousin in Chicago who was going to ship some out for me. When I told her I bought Johnsonville Bratwurst at my local Ralph's she informed me that it is made in Wisconsin and is a pareticular favorite in Chicago. The real secret is the parboiling in beer with onions then grilling and replacing in the beer batter until necessary for use. The second most important thing is the roll. No one, but I mean no one uses an hot dog roll for a bratwurst. You need to get a split deli roll. Some people add sauerkraut but all you really need is Gulden's Deli mustard (spicey).

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              Nope, no boiling or parboiling. I lived in Iowa (which is firmly in the middle of brat country) for longer than I care to say and brats are ruined by boiling. As this page says, the casing bursts. This means the brat is dry and nearly flavorless. Most people who boil brats think, "the longer the better." I'm aware this post treads into Home Cooking territory. See: http://www.bratwurstpages.com/brats.html

              "One important point - don't ever boil bratwurst! You may see recipes that call for parboiling or boiling. What they mean to (or ought to) say is simmered in beer or water, usually with chopped onion added. Simmering means bringing the liquid to the temperature at which steam rises from the surface, but not so hot that it bubbles. Boiling will cause the casings to burst."

            2. I believe the OP is referring specifically to Sheboygan brand brats, which I have not seen in the BA. Johnsonville brand Brats will have the flavor profile closest to Sheboygan. Note: Johnsonville offers the fresh brats (both regular and Beer brat) (look near Italian sausage in the grocery store) and precooked "Smoked brats", which are a smoked sausage, "beef brats", another precooked smoked sausage style wiener and "Stadium brats", which I haven't had but are a precooked, seemingly more finely ground texture.

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                OP was looking for brats similar to the ones at AT&T Ballpark in SF. As I said, I believe that these are made by the New York Style Sausage Co. in Sunnyvale. The info about them is in my other note.

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                  Thanks, Nancy, I guess i remembered them seeming branded as "Sheboygan" which there actually is one of. I like New York Sausage Co's other hot and mild italian sausages, so I guess their flavor profile would be good. I have had a "Sheboygan" brat at a ballgame, so if that was NY Sausage Co., it's flavor was very similar to Johnsonville.

                  I've had brats from places like Schaub's meat market, and they have some of the brat taste, but were too salty and a little harsh.

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                    I've had the brat at ATT/Pac-Bell/you-name-it park and I've grilled Johnsonville (w/o beer) and the Sheboygan are much better in my opinion...much, much better.

                    It could be that someone else is serving it, being at a game but the Johnsonville seemed less flavorful. I trust my tastebuds but maybe it was the label...high fructose corn syrup shouldn't be in sausage if you ask me.

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                      The Sheboygan I had at a game had a very, very similar flavor profile as the Johnsonville, similar texture too. Next time I see NY Sausage company brats, I'll do the side by side, this will be the best way to tell. I really think Johnsonville are great, but the problem is they are kind of the original brat, so they define the taste to me. Every other brat ('cept the Sheboygan) is different to my taste expectation.

                      ADDED: it is true that J'ville has some flavor cheating ingredients, corn syrup, MSG etc.- the New York Style Sausage Co. doesn't use MSG or preservatives in their stuff, which is a huge plus.

                  2. re: Nancy Berry

                    Yup, I was looking for the ones served at the ballpark. I like Johnsonville Brats and other sausages, but I wanted to locate the ballpark ones.

                    Thanks for everyone's help!

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                      One more thing -- the Sheboygan Brats that you buy in the store are in shorter links than the ones at the Ballpark. I think that you can approximate the ATT ones by undoing (by turning) each two connected links and then squeezing, thereby making one long link out of the two.

                2. Go to www.bratwurst.net and you will or should be looking at the Sheboygan Bratwurst Co. website.

                  1. Regarding the Bratwurst at AT&T Park...I know for sure that its NOT New york Style but it is definetley Johnsonville. I've been eating New York Style for years and its the best stuff out there. Plus, ther Brats are way better than J-Ville. I think that the only place you can get those Sheboygans would be in Safeways butcher case. The best thing to do is just got to the counter and ask for it...if you ask enough times, eventually they'll carry it for you! What a concept. New York Style, you guys rock! Why aren't you in the stadium yet?

                    1. Please do not order online, patronise a local butcher worth supporting.
                      Go to Dittmer's on San Antonio in Mountain View. Get the brats. And everything else you can lay your hands on. The smoked duck legs are great, but why single them out when Mark is so talented that everything is wonderful.
                      Special distinction with ribbons, stars and oak leaf cluster to the Mozart Loaf. An aptly named example of charcuterie, as it is pure genius.

                      1. What you ate at AT&T Park were not Sheboygan Bratwursts. I am a Wisconsin native who spend four years in SF for grad school and attended games at AT&T park when ever the Brewers would come to town. Beautiful stadium, decent food, just not accurately named sometimes.

                        If you want a Sheboygan brat, order some online along with Sheboygan hard roles.

                        After that, find a local butcher who makes something close.

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                          This is an ancient thread that you bumped by the way. I have never had a good hotdog or sausage in ATT in park in the hundred times I have been. Improperly cooked, bland, pasty mealy buns that are cold, too big, and always seem to split instantly, blarg. Dreadful. Worst park in the MLB for sausages in my opinion, probably due to the lack of tradition for such things on the west coast. (Best sausages I have had at a ballpark were at Fenway)

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                            Quality sheboygan brats from a German (rather than Wisconsin) master butcher are a familiar experience for years at peninsula and S. Bay barbecues, thanks to Dittmer's Wursthaus, as multiple people already pointed out in this thread five years ago. I find these sausages delightful. It is unnecessary to suggest online sources with this famous Bay Area source long available.