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Jan 3, 2008 06:36 AM

nougatine or perry street?

i've got the option to go to either to celebrate my birthday. which is preferred? reviews in the usual places (nymag, nytimes) are all over the place. i feel a bit lost...

and if i'm barking up completely the wrong tree with these places, what's a good alternative?

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  1. well i cant comment on nougatine, but i LOVE perry street. Its spacious and comfortable and the food is fantastic....

    1. Lunch at perry street was excellent and great value. Lunch at jojo was also great but given the choice, I would pick perry street over jojo.

      1. Never been to Nougatine, but I love Perry Street.

        1. Perry St. is very good (although it's been a while since I've been). I haven't been to Nougatine, but Jean Georges is great.

          1. Had a great lunch at Nougatine yesterday. It's a great value, with really nice service. The open kitchen is spotless, and the food is smart without being over the top. We left stuffed from the $24.07 prix-fix with beef fillet. A real bargain.

            Here's the thing... It strikes me as a perfect lunch spot, and there wasn't a moment where I thought about returning any other time of the day. I would probably suggest it for lunches first and foremost, as a result. It's a very mature, easy going room, with a pretty view of the park. Very little pretention, just a solid dining experience.

            I don't think all of Jean-George's places are created equal though.