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Jan 3, 2008 06:20 AM

My new favorite thing @the Park Slope Food Coop

My new favorite thing at the Park Slope Food Coop is Evans fruit flavored yogurts. I've had lemon and blackberry so far. It's subtle and fresh tasting, pretty revelatory in the yogurt category. There is no fruit mixed in, or at the bottom. It is a super rich yogurt, and I rather wish they had a lower fat version but too bad for me. It's also relatively expensive.
Evans is a local organic dairy, and their products are also available at the cheesemonger at Essex St Market downtown, and Marlow and Sons, in Williamsburg. Here's the milk-rating people's link about it

I've periodically started threads like this, to decode the new stuff at the Coop. That yogurt is tucked away on the bottom shelf, all the way to the right, btw.
Quite a few of us on this board are members of the Coop, so it's a great board for suggestions about what's great and what's not so great with new specialty foods, and why. Here's one of the old threads.

Please, no haters or drama. Just food.
The official product blog is more update than it used to be .... for general info about the place

Happy New Year everyone!

Park Slope Food Coop
782 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. thanks for posting - i love when these threads get started! and for the heads up about this yogurt!

    recent favorites for me have been the Beurremont butter, which is fantastic (and cheap!) and the Migliorelli Pear Cider - which i know is not new but it's in season and it's amazingly refreshing and delicious.

    1. My new favorite thing is still the Evans fruit yogurts. Now there are individual-sized cups, in what appears to be extra-envirofriendly paper cups. Blackberry. Sooooo good.

      The little smoked Maine shrimps are back, in cups in the poultry cooler.
      A brilliant substitution for lox.

      In today's Daily News there's a cute story with pictures about someone who found a teeney frog in her organic lettuce. : )
      That is either an up or down side of no pesticides....

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      1. re: pitu

        Evans Double Maple yogurt is spectacular too.

        You can taste the real maple syrup itself better than any yogurt I've had. Also the Jersey cow yogurt produces a lovely taste which is a bit different from the usual Holstein variety.

        The Evans Double Maple is rather sweet, but it is after all at least double maple syrup quantity, so they give you full disclosure.

        I'm not sure if this topples my absolute favorite maple yogurt which is Ronnybrook. Ronnybrook is not as sweet, which I prefer.

        Next on my list to try is Chatham sheep maple yogurt. . .

        I believe you can recycle your plastic yogurt containers at the Coop, they accept plastics that New York City does not, including the ubiquitous #5.

        1. re: eade

          A shout out to Siggi's Skyr yogurt. It's the best. Near Evans in the case, maybe one or two rows down. Orange & ginger flavor is to die for. They had some sort of production problem this month, but my sources tell me they'll be returning in early July.

          1. re: ckny

            Word to this! I don't usually like orange-flavored things, and only do ginger in certain situations - but it's incredible. Glad to hear it will be back soon :)