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Jan 3, 2008 06:11 AM

Miso paste in Houston/Clear Lake?

Does anyone know where I could find miso paste in the Southeast Houston/Clear Lake area? When I lived in Austin, I could buy it in regular grocery stores, but I haven't seen it yet in this area. The only asian store I know of nearby (off Scarsdale) is primarily Vietnamese, so they don't carry it either. Is it possible to buy miso without driving across town?

Thanks, everyone!

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  1. I've found Miso Master miso at a couple of health food stores, but not anywhere near your side of town. Perhaps you could order online, such as at this website:

    Good luck!

    1. Did you ever find your miso paste? I know this is not in your area, but they have a good selection of it at Central Market on Westheimer.

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        Yozhik, you might check out the HEB on El Camino @ Bay Area Blvd -- they have a surprisingly extensive selection of oriental foods, and you might be pleasantly surprised. I was going to suggest that big oriental market on Scarsdale (down the road from my Korean dentist) but you've obviously already been there.

      2. The Kroger on El Camino has Miso Paste, Its called Minute Miso, the brand is Hikari and can be found in the asian isle.

        1. I recently purchased at an asian mkt near the bellaire-beltway intersect (chinatown).. their are asian mkts on a smaller scale in the area across 59 and the george brwn convention cntr.,,on the Kim Son side (jefferson st)... U should be able to find what you're looking for in the area..

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            You would think it would also be available at the 99 Ranch Market (I-10 and Blalock) since it is an Asian market. I have never been there myself but sure would like to wander through that place.

          2. Hong Kong market off of Airport Boulevard and I 45