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Jan 3, 2008 06:08 AM

All Clad & Le Crueset at Marshalls

I was checking out the pots and pans at Marshalls yesterday and was a bit shocked. They have All Clad and Le Creusett (sp?) there now.

I saw Le Cruesett dutch ovens for 80 dollars. I almost fell over from shock!

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  1. My local Marshalls has carried All-Clad and Le Creuset (among other brands) seconds for years. I can also find them at TJMaxx and Tuesday Morning.

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    1. re: foodstorm

      Wow thats nice. I hadn't seen anything like this at my local Marshals in Albany NY before. Lucky for you :)

      1. re: adventuresinbaking

        You might want to check if you have a Le Creuset outlet in your area. I find that their merchandise is usually in far better condition than the ones I've seen at the discount stores (probably because they store them more carefully).

        1. re: foodstorm

          You'll need very sharp eyes to find Le Creuset at Tuesday Morning - they sell quickly, and at great prices. Marshalls and TJMaxx usually has a few pieces, at reduced prices too, but they're still expensive. I got a new LC dutch oven for Christmas, but I know that "Santa" didnt go to Marshalls -- that place scares him. (he got all my goodies at SurLaTable). I agree with foodstorm - check out the outlet stores, which will offer the same quality assurance and guarantees.

        2. re: adventuresinbaking

          There is a LC factory outlet at Woodbury Commons. A little bit of a drive, but worth it!

          1. re: Jennalynn

            I saw blue 5.5qt dutch ovens, oval ovens and flame 5.5qt and oval at my tjmax today. They weren't in really great shape though and I really am going for all light green so I passed. But I really want a 5.5qt dutch oven soooo bad! I'm going to wait til the outlets have a sale again!

      2. i picked up a blue oval 5qt LC at homegoods last night for 99 bucks

        1. No great deals at Homegoods. I saw a lot of Le Creusett, but the prices were high. That's in Sarasota.