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Jan 3, 2008 05:32 AM

California Sandwiches - North of Steeles

Hi everyone,

I have had the veal sandwich at the Claremont location downtown T.O. and it was delicious enough to a spontaneously generate a craving. So I have to ask the question:

Does anyone know of a California Sandwich location (or a place that does sandwiches in the same fashion) north of Steeles; Preferably in the Markham, Richmond Hill area (although I don't mind driving a bit to taste one).

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  1. Not exactly close to Markham/Richmond Hill, but there's one near 400 & 7.

    It's in a plaza at the north-west corner of Weston Road & Highway 7 in Woodbridge.

    Google Map

    In the same plaza, a few doors down, make sure you go to La Paloma for gelato!

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    1. re: peasontoast

      Thanks for the reply. Driving to Woodbridge is a tad bit far so I guess I'll have to wait until I'm in the area or when my craving doubles in size =P

    2. Never been but have seen Dantes listed on here numerous times.

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        Ya, but I think for their pizza more than their sandwiches. I enjoy their pizza now and then, but I never have anything else there.

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          It's funny that you mention Dante's because I used to work there many moons ago.