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Chocolate Fondue - Triple Sec vs. Grand Marnier?

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Hi all,

This Sunday, I've decided to make Ina Garten's Orange Chocolate Fondue recipe.

On the show, she used Grand Marnier, which is what she recommends in the recipe:


My question is this, I have a little bit of Triple Sec at home, I don't have Grand Marnier.

Do you think it will be THAT much better if I use Grand Marnier, or can I get away cheap with the Triple Sec.

I'll buy a small bottle of GM if need be, but I hate to buy it when I know it's not something I'd be using that often.

But, that being said, I don't want to "ruin" the recipe.



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  1. IIRC, Cooks Illustrated did flavor testing recently and said triple sec was a good replacement in cooking.