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Mar 22, 2001 01:14 AM

seaside type shack

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is there anywhere in los angeles to get lobster rolls,
fried Ipswich clam sandwiches, whole grilled lobsters, freshly shucked oysters. etc. and hopefully a place with a seaside, shackish atmosphere. Something like the Pearl Oyster bar or Mary Fish camp (which has been mentioned numerous times on the ny chowboard) in New York. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There were some postings on this some time ago. Please tell those of us who've never had one what a lobster roll is.

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    1. re: LBJQT

      Lobster dressed with mayonnaise on a hot dog bun.

      1. re: LBJQT

        More specifically, Maine lobster, not lobster tails, not Florida lobster. The bun should be buttered and grilled. For a good one, the lobster should be in chunks, not shreds. The mayo dressing should be used judiciously, and a little minced celery doesn't hurt. I like a bit of good salt, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne in my mayo, but that's just me. pat

        1. re: pat hammond

          Pat, you have caused my saliva to run out of my gullet, down my long, lean body and across the floor, creating a veritable swamp. And me, the vegetarian!

          1. re: Sam

            Sounds messy! Maybe you could add more celery and a little lettuce and go for it? pat

            1. re: pat hammond

              Ok, you guys, they sound wonderful, and now we're all hungry. So where's the chow?

              1. re: LBJQT

                Live Maine lobsters are available everywhere these days. It's as easy to do as I described. Easier than making a BLT, once you've harvested the lobster meat!

                1. re: pat hammond

                  Actually a lobster BLT is a thing of beauty too.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    So I guess I've gotta cook. OK.

                    BTW, while looking for lobster rolls (you guys made me hungry AND curious), I came across a lobster festival for LA scheduled in October. The whole thing reeks of commercialism and PR for Maine lobsters, but it may be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Here's the site:


                    1. re: LBJQT

                      I'm all for good PR for Maine, so long as it doesn't drive up the price of lobsters for us locals!
                      The LA Lobsterfest look like lots of fun. I hope you'll go and let us hear all about it. Sunny California and lobsters sounds wonderful. It's blowing and snowing like crazy right now here! pat

                      1. re: pat hammond

                        Is it safe to say that the shack or restaurant that serves this food that I mentioned above doesn't exist in LA. Tell me it's not so.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Kevin, I saw your "seaside-type shack" post but had noting to contribute. I still have nothing to contribute! Ipswich clams, I doubt. Lobsters, most certainly. But the dock-side seafood "shack" you describe, at least for Maine lobsters, most likely only exists near where the critters are hauled in, i.e., a lobster pound. Here they are stored in huge crates called cars, and scooped out and steamed on the spot. pat

                          1. re: pat hammond

                            Kevin if you or anyone else on this board discovers a place in LA that's event reminiscent of Pearl Oyster Bar please let the rest of us know. Their fried oysters are the finest I've ever had. The caesar salad! the whole fried fish! the wine list! the wait!

                      2. re: LBJQT

                        For the lobster BLT, no need to cook. Fly up to SF and have the lobster, arugula and bacon club sandwich at Postrio.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          You could also just go to Beverly Hills to Chadwick.
                          They have a wonderful Lobster BLT....

            2. re: pat hammond

              Thank you, Pat, for specifically describing the classic ingredients in a real lobster roll, which brings me back to childhood summers in Maine, where my grandmother still lives. After every scrumptuous lobster feast, my dad, uncle, cousins, or whoever wanted to join in, would spend the rest of the evening around the table drinking beer and taking apart the half-dozen extra lobsters we set aside for making lobster bisque and rolls. It was a messy but fun affair breaking apart the lobster claws, tails, and finally body, where you get all that greenish-gray stuff called "tomalley" used in many lobster recipes. I sure miss those moments. Trane.

          2. In reply to the original question, Kevin, I can't think of any "sea shack" places along the coast in either OC or LA. Last time I was on Redondo pier there were some pretty informal places (ok, so they looked like dives) that served fresh seafood, and they were all busy - but I have no clue as to what they served or the quality of it. They were, however, cleaning the day's catch, so whatever it was, was surely fresh. You might want to give that a try. Other than that, the only "sea shacks" I've seen are bait shacks!

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            1. re: LBJQT

              The Redondo Pier has a few pleasant joints for quick fresh seafood, most of which are run by Koreans. As a result you can't get anything approaching an East Coast lobster roll there, but you can get a spicy seafood pancake with clam chowder and a side of kimchee. One of the best places (and I can't remember the name, I am sorry to say) is next to the Redondo Fun Factory arcade, located under the parking lot for Kincaid's restaurant. Warning, though - there are a number of places which serve atrocious food and rely heavily on the tourist trade. As a general rule stay away from the plaza at the beginning of the pier. The places further out which cater to local fishermen serve simple but generally good food.

              You can probably get something approaching a real lobster roll at Quality Seafood or Captain Kidd's, which are by the yacht marina where the fishing charter boats go out. I will have to investigate and get back to you.

              1. re: Richard Foss

                Please allow me to retract my recommendation of the Korean seafood place next to the Redondo Fun Factory. I went there again on Friday and the selection is much smaller than it used to be, the food average pier fare. The food is OK, but no lobster rolls.
                I will be investigating another place next to the pier plaza that claims to offer cajun seafood but obviously caters to the Korean market. (Unless other cajun restaurants keep eight kinds of soju in stock and I have never noticed before.) Besides the sheer surrealism of a cajun and Korean crossover cuisine (kimchee and hush puppies, two great flavors that go great together!), the food looked great and the diners were digging in with evident delight.

              2. re: LBJQT

                not too far up the coast - 42505 PCH. right around the l.a./ventura county line.

                fits the "seaside shack" requirement, but i couldn't tell you if they have lobster rolls and the like...

                1. re: Joe Blowe

                  Don't know about Lobster Roll, but my last meal at Neptune's Net (plain lobster) was terrible. Sides were bad too. It's gone WAY down hill.

                2. re: LBJQT

                  In the name of research and summer eating, I think we ought to organize a seaside shack tasting trip ala J.Gold where we drive down Hwy 1 from Malibu to Laguna Beach, tasting all the seaside shack cuisine en route. There's a lot of them, so it couldn't be done in a day. Maybe segments -- Malibu to Playa del Rey, Playa to Torrance, San Pedro to Huntington Beach, Huntington to Laguna...does our illustrious board manager ever organize field trips? I'd sign up!

                3. Tuck's Point Seafood, 1567 Spinnaker, Ventura Harbor, serves decent lobster rolls. Quite a drive though - 50 miles up the coast from L.A. So call before you go to make sure they haven't run out of lobster.

                  1. Unfortunately, I never went there, but I recall reading positive things about a place on the beach, somewhere near Zuma, that I think was called the Lobster Pot. It had very limited hours, even in the summer, and basically served several of the items you long for from a takeout window for diners to eat on wooden picnic benches.

                    This was more than a few years ago, does anybody know if this place still exists?

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                    1. re: Bob Brooks
                      Caitlin Wheeler

                      Don't know if it still exists, but they used to serve the most divine deep fried soft shell crab sandwiches. I really miss California sometimes.