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Stuffed Pork Chops: What to stuff it with and how to cook?

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In the mood for some serious comfort food. Stuffed porkchops sound great, but at a slight loss to find a good recipe.

Any advice?


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  1. Matt, my husband adores stuffed porkchops.
    His favorite stuffing for chops is an apricot/apple combo marinated in brandy and tossed with ryebread cubes. Several recipes for this appear on the net.

    I like wild rice and mushroom stuffing for porkchops.

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      Can you share your recipe for "apricot/apple combo marinated in brandy and tossed with ryebread cubes."? Thanks, sounds good.

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        here's one version that we have "played" with over the years.
        I used rye bread as my dry bread choice
        I use apples instead of cranberries.
        Very adaptable recipe to personal preference.
        Slow cook/braising yields the best results. Enjoy!

    2. My friend T. Linsbeck gave me this recipe years ago. I use it often and it is delicious. I also like the previous suggestion of a responder about the aprictor/apple mixture soaked in brandy and mixed with rye croutons. Will have to try and find that recipe on the Net.

      Stuffed Pork Chops "Pigtown Heidi"

      4 each pork loin chops -- 1 - 1 1/2" thick; boned; /w pocket
      4 slices swiss cheese -- thick
      1/4 cup parsley -- chopped
      1 cup mushrooms -- fresh ones; chopped
      1 cup bread crumbs
      1 each egg -- beaten
      3 tablespoons vegetable oil
      1 tablespoon butter
      1 cup white wine
      salt and pepper

      Have butcher cut pockets in chops. Season pockets with salt and pepper, and stuff the pockets with the swiss cheese, mushrooms, and parsley. Use toothpicks to hold chops together.

      Heat oil and butter in skillet. Roll chops in beaten egg, then bread crumbs, and brown in skillet.

      Heat oven to 350°.

      Place chops in baking dish. De-glaze skillet with wine, and pour over chops. Cover and bake for 30 minutes. Uncover and continue to cook for another 30 minutes.

      Recopied by Tom Shunick - A Receptarist on the shores of Rehoboth Bay, DE - November 11, 2006

      1. My personal favorite stuffing is rustic bread, mushrooms, rosemary and blue cheese. Perfect comfort food in the winter!

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          JungMann, I love this combo-definately going to give it a try nex time.
          Tyou for the inspiration!

        2. CI has a great recipe for a proscuitto and asiago wrapped pork chop. Not stuffed, but very very good.

          1. As per CI's recommendations, get rib chops (they have the bone on one side and a big, boneless oval of meat (and, of course, get them thick) Cut a smallish slit through the center, working your knive in an arc, then stuff through the slit. This keeps the stuffing where you want it (in the chop). Pan sear and then finish in a hot oven (450) until center of stuffing is at 135. Remove, tent and rest 10 minutes. They have a multitude of different stuffing recommendations, as well as the ones in this post that sound great.

            1. Here's an Alton Brown recipe I've been meaning to try:


              The technique he used was pretty interesting: assuming a bone-in rib chop, you poke a narrow-bladed knife through the middle of the flesh edge of the chop until the tip touches the bone, then form a pocket by pivoting the knife around the point where it enters the chop. In other words, you run the tip along the bone to make a cavity, but you keep the part of the knife in contact with the flesh edge of the chop in one place, producing a big cavity for stuffing inside the chop with only a little bitty hole (the size of your knife blade's cross-section) on the outside. So you have to use a piping bag (or a zip-top bag with the corner cut off) to insert the stuffing, but once inserted it stays inside the chop.

              1. I think the chop cooks better and tastes better with the stuffing on top rather than in a slit , and you get more stuffing. I brown the chops on both sides then place them in a baking dish, pile the stuffing on top and bake in a 350 oven till done. My favorite stuffing comes from a Paul Prodhomme cookbook. Sprinkle the chops before browning with your favorite Cajun type seasoning. Saute onions, chopped green peppers and garlic. Add the breadcrumbs (agree with the rye suggestion), more of the seasoning, and some corn kernels (frozen is ok) and a little liquid. Pile on top of the chops and bake.

                Also, I like smallish crumbs - larger than dry crumbs but smaller than cubes. The food processor is good for this.