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Jan 3, 2008 04:48 AM

Pop Burger

Had a chance to check out the new Pop Burger last night , 14 East 58th St. Have never made it to the original in Chelsea, was execited about trying it out.

When we tried to order the counter "help" , with their seemingly put on hipster attitude could not hear what we were trying to order since the music was so loud. So we had to repeat ourselves a couple of times. When we ordered shakes to go with the Pop burgers we were mocked as to who would drink shakes in this weather. It is a good point but keep it to yourselves. They immediately went in to a reach in cooler to grab premade shakes out and put them on the counter.

I can't even think of a worse burger that I have had in years. Altho , they look nice in their little box with their shiny brioche rolls , which were stale , the patties were hard , overcooked and seemed to be reheated and cold at the same time. Lettuce was actually brown and the fries had a fishy essence about them. The best part of the meal was actually
the premade shake.

With the burger joint and five guys with in a stones throw there is no reason to put up with the insolent staff , overcooked cold burgers , premade shakes and music so loud you cant talk to your fellow diners. They should change the name of this place to Poop Burger.

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  1. Have to agree on all fronts-- would add that the onion rings didn't seem to actually have onions.

    The punky-street attitude attempted by the counter help just comes off as plain silly in general, and certainly so in midtown.

    My rankings for the slider/classic style burger:

    1st ShakeShack
    2nd BurgerJoint/Five Guys
    3rd All American Burger
    427th Tie- Plop Burger and the Mobil Express Lube and Deli on I-87 rest stop just south of Troy.

    1. A few weeks back I had drinks & snacks in the upstairs lounge. Our waitress was sweet as pie, but, the third time she'd come by to ask us if we wanted to order food, she was able to answer the question herself, "Oh, right, you're waiting for someone." When we pointed to "X-rated Fusion," an ingredient on the cocktail menu, and asked her what it was, she said she thought it was some kind of drink. Indeed.

      We split the lobster rolls, which were nothing special, but no tragedy either, and the lobster nachos, which were six tortilla chips topped with guacamole and the same lobster salad as in the lobster rolls. So, um, don't get both. Also had the fried calamari, which was standard-issue fried calamari and I should have known better than to order it and I will never order fried calamari in a bar again for the rest of my life, I'm serious.

      Prices weren't crazy for the type of place and the amount of food. It was really loud, but not that crowded, and the manager came by a few times to check on us, which was nice. Less attitude than you might expect, considering how shiny all the surfaces were.

      1. What a disappointment especially since it's near my office. Thanks for the warning; I'll stay far away.

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        1. re: ellenost

          They do have some of the best fries though... really fried fries.

          1. re: doona

            My fries had shrimp notes... not a plus in my book but to each his/herown.

            1. re: armccaffrey

              Holy Cow - our fries did too - couldn't place it though.

              This place is a disgrace - not only loud music, but on Sunday, filled with strollers and kids - everyone was serenaded to lots of inappropriate Prince. (And I love Prince, just not for the kiddies ya know?)
              There was ZERO manager attention and the acne set working the line/register were lost.
              Should have hoofed it over to Burger Joint.

        2. the place has logistical problems...its a total mess. that said, i have no problem with the burgers or the fries or the shakes...everything was tasty...and fast.

          the music is so loud there...its a joke.

          i dont think id mind it for takeout.

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          1. re: sam1

            griller and arm were spot in in their posts. i too was eager to try pop burger - wanting desperately for it to live up to the hype. well... the entire meal was a disappointment.

            irritating servers [and yes - servers! that's their job and they seem to think that they are above doing it... not many things more irritating than staff thinking they are above the clients they're there to serve]

            brioche rolls stale, lettuce old, discolored, wilted
            burger overcooked
            shake pre"poured" and "refrozen"

            maybe staff would have time to pour shakes on demand if they weren't too busy "posing".

            overpriced by any definition for quality of product. Left with a headache and feeling ripped off.

            want great fries... go to a fry joint, if you have burger in your name - you really should serve great burgers or change the name to "shrimp fries" and see who lines up.

            Shake Shack - I'm sorry I strayed.... please forgive me.

          2. Totally agree. I found the service to be horrific and the food even worse.