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Jan 3, 2008 04:45 AM

Riche Restaurant Closing

I found out yesterday that Riche is closing. Has anyone heard what the replacement is going to be? Thanks.

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  1. I read on food forum that Ruth Chris's steakhouse is going to replace Riche and open up as soon as they revamp the kitchen.

    1. yes riche is closing and it will be a Ruth's Chris

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      1. re: localfoodie

        That's pretty exciting news. Fitzmorris said Chris' was looking at a St. Charles location the other day on his show, but glad to hear they'll be downtown, it's about time.

        1. re: Overweight

          really think that's exciting? I'm thinking that with all the corporate steakhouses we already have in town that I don't need another one...what we really need is some good late night food (Harrah's is one of the 2 or 3 places open all night)

          what I wouldn't give for a Carnegie Deli or a great diner...just last night I left a book club at 10:20...the entire town (with the exception of FQ bars) was basically shut down

          I hate that we are so limited after 8pm...Harrah's has the perfect opportunity to remedy this and I think RC is such an uninspired choice

          I do know, however, that they are not footing the bill for any of the build out and the new restaurant will be a tenant only type the space is prime for that "corporate" eatery mentality/pocket book

          1. re: chef4hire

            I just spoke to one of the waiters at Riche this morning and the papers have not yet been signed with Ruth Chris. There is no date for the closing of Riche or the opening of Ruth's. He did say Ruth's will not be affiliated with Harrah's in any way.

            1. re: chef4hire

              Exactly, this is bad news not exciting news, I'm sorry to hear Riche is closing.

              1. re: chef4hire

                i agree, ruth's is OK but I want more deli action to feed my inner and outer judaism...

                1. re: chef4hire

                  I feel your pain, although, it could be a Morton's, or a Palm. I personally do not think that the world needs any more Ruth's Chris Steakhouses, but maybe that's just me.

                  Question: is the lack of late-night dining still a result of Katrina, and the workforce, or have the dining habits in NOLA changed that much? When we moved from NOLA to Denver, I could not believe that everything shut down at 9:00PM. It took a major re-do of the theater complex in downtown, to get some spots to stay open, until after the performances. Maybe NOLA has cycled back.

                  Sorry that I missed Riche, as I'd heard some good things about it, but just never got the opportunity to try it.


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    Mortons is across the street at canal place, shula's is a couple of blocks down canal and besh steakhouse is in the casino. Is there some secret beef consortium trying to takeover the city?

                    I'm not sure when we decided to roll up the sidewalks at 8 o'clock around here...nobody asked me for my vote on that one! I guess maybe I'm reaching an age where I'm too young to hit the early bird at Mandina's but old enough to not cram into the Alibi at midnight for mozzarella sticks.

                    As far as losing Riche- I'm OK with that..I'm not a big Todd English fan and it wasn't a big draw for me. Evidently it wasn't a big draw for anyone as they were losing millions by the time the decision to close was reached.

                    Now that I'm done complaining I will promise to keep searching for the ever elusive "perfect spot" to open my own place...serving exactly what kind of food I want to eat between 10pm and 2am. Any suggestions are welcome!

                    1. re: chef4hire

                      Riche was a beautiful restaurant. I ate there a year ago when Tiffany from Top Chef Season 1 was the Chef and the menu was bland. Dishes were repeating themselves. Harrah's has the perfect opportunity for that beautiful space to do New Orleans food.

                      1. re: chef4hire

                        A well-lighted parking lot and visible security are necessities at those hours, or a location right by a police substation (not kidding here). And some food that's NOT fried (why is everything available late at night FRIED?)

                        1. re: Hungry Celeste

                          Oh the misery of zucchini sticks and wings at midnight...bring on the mile high corned beef on rye with deli mustard and hot roasted pork with cherry peppers and spicy onions!

                        2. re: chef4hire

                          The Country Club in the Bywater is open late. They serve the full menu until 10 all week. They also have a pool and bar menu that they serve until around midnight. I think you can find their menu online. The food is amazing, and there is no gross fried food either.