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Jan 2, 2008 12:41 PM

Pasta making tips? [moved from Southwest board]

thank you!!!! santa brought me a gorgeous pasta machine, so i'll be heading to niccoli's for the ap flour.

ziggylu - do you have any pasta making tips for me before my first batch? :)

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  1. Heh. I've only made one batch so far so I'm no biggest recomendation is don't try rolling the first time with your SO...we nearly killed each other! LOL

    I used Marcella's method...I found the dough to be really wet and had to use more flour then she recommended. I haven't had a chance to try again but am hoping to in the next week. I did find the dough to be pretty forgiving though...we had some technical issues rolling and had to keep starting over but the finished product still turned out tasty.

    Haven't been able to pick up the 00 flour yet...used AP when I made it. Forgot I had semolina in the planning to experiment iwth that as well!

    Let me know how yours turns out and what you discover!

    1. I make pasta all the time. Does your machine mix the dough for you? If not you should try using the food processor. It makes mixing the dough really easy. No need to do it by hand if you don't have to. The are several different recipes. You can use more eggs for a richer pasta or less it depends on taste. The key is too roll the original sheets really thin. That makes for nice pasta. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

      1. If you got an Atlas or Imperia, go to ebay and look around for a motor attachment. You'll use your machine a lot more.

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          I have an Atlas. I believe I prefer it as a hand crank. It gives me more control, and it is easy once you get used to it. I make pasta frequently. I have got it where I want it finally.

          *unbleached all-purpose flour
          *Food processor-Let it knead for 30 seconds after it comes together.
          *Hand knead it for a few minutes after it comes out of the fp.
          *Feel free to add as much flour as you need. This is not pie dough.
          *Cut it into 6 pieces. Put it in a ziploc bag at room temp. for at least an hour.
          *Dip 1 piece heavily in flour. Flatten it a bit. Run it through the 1 setting. Fold in each long side towards the middle. Run it through 1 again with an open end facing downward. Repeat 2-3 times.
          *Run it though the rest of the settings.
          *I prefer 7 for fettucine/spaghetti. 8 for lasagna/ravioli

          You have me thinking I need to do a photo demo of the process on my blog...


          1. re: Becca Porter

            Excellent advice Becca. I have been making pasta successfully with my Imperia for many years and that is exactly what I do. In the interests of health I have recently taken to using white WWF and I like it a lot.