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Jan 2, 2008 11:21 PM

2 more days of meals in NO- help me?

I am back home in NO visiting (live in Cali now) and have had a heavenly week of eating heaps of tasty eats.
Let's see, so far, we have had meals at Luke, Mr. B's Bistro, Drago's (Metarie location), Petunia's for crepes and eggs melanza, plus had boiled seafood from Irene's stand in Boutte and seafood at Spahr's in Des Allemands.
We have had gin fizzes at the bar in Court of Two Sisters and are definitely gonna grab a sazarac at the Carousel Bar in the Monteleone and maybe a Pimm's at the Napoleon House if we can squeeze it in.
We had a couple of tasty meals on the northshore too at Mandina's Mandeville location plus Rip's for bisque and seafood on the lakefront.
I am trying to decide for a final few great meals or so between Brigtsen's, August, Adolfo's, Felix's. Can anyone steer us right or give another suggestion?
If one place is good just for oysters and not a whole meal, that is good to know as well.
We enjoy great food and love a range of high and low so aren't snobs yet we clean up okay:)
We will definitely be hitting up Central Market for muffalettas plus grabbing more seafood at B&C in Edgard and at Irene's.
Stand-out moments for us thus far for those wanting suggestions:
BBQ Shrimp at Mr. B's (first I ever had and still the best), raw oysters w/ champagne mignonette sauce ( a NYE special)
Drago's (charbroiled oysters duh! haha plus the Shucky Ducky entree)
St. James crepe & Eggs Melanza at Petunia's (worth the hour wait for a table- seriously the best breakfast ever plus great service. Julia Childs was not wrong!)
Irene's on Hwy. 90 (stand for boiled crabs and crawfish, potatoes, corn- a favorite of mine from long ago and love Irene's bawdy banter)
Seafood gumbo + bloody mary (Spahr's)
Crab Bisque, crab balls, shrimp pasta (Mandina's)

Luke was sorta lackluster and we have better bistros with this typical fare done better in LA honestly.
Drago's soups and catch of the day were not so good.
I will be writing up a full report of our meals with pictures once we are back in Los Angeles. It made my heart happy to see the city so packed and the hotels and restaurants full up for New Year's and the Suger Bowl- yay!

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  1. I don't really like Felix much, go to Casamento's instead. Be sure to visit the restroom during your meal; you'll get a walk-thru of the kitchen. Glad you liked Spahr's, too.

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      I grew up in Des Allemands so Spahr's is like home to me.

    2. Casamento's is great for oysters. For neighborhood atmosphere and good food, I would try Liuzza's by the Track. Great local place. Port of Call for superlative burgers, great character and atmosphere. Surrey Cafe on Magazine Street for great juices and breakfast specials.

      1. Thanks for the help- as it turned out, wasn't able to squeeze much more in. We were able to have drinks at the Carousel Bar and ate another time at Mr. B's as it was just across the street and we were pressed for time. I really want to try Casamento's on my next visit. Thanks so much!

        1. Felix's for raw at the bar. IMO Adophos is ok if you're looking for inexpensive, much better food at Irene's. Really great food can be had at Brigtsen's and Herbsaint and although a little more pricey, they won't disappoint. Dick and Jenny's is not as expensive, but good food and fun.

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            Thanks JazzyB- all good recs for my next trip back home!