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Mar 21, 2001 12:14 PM

Filipino food?

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So where does one go for good filipino food in LA? I used to go to Tito Rey's in Brentwood, but they are long gone.

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    Gretchen Ehrenberg

    Just turned the computer on here in the still frigid Bavaria and noticed this request. So from a long way away I will attempt an answer.

    1925 W. Temple St., LA
    (213) 483-1638

    2. Max's of Manila - Located across the street from the Glendale Galleria Mall), Max's of Manila
    313 W. Broadway, Glendale
    (818) 637-7751

    3.Manila Sunset 2815 W. Sunset Bl, LA
    (213) 484-5161
    9516 Sepulveda Bl., Sepulveda/Valley
    (818) 895-2001
    2550 E. Amar Rd., West Covina
    (818) 912-7672
    17870 New Hope St., Orange County(714) 662-1511

    4.Pink Lechon
    15238 Saticoy, Van Nuys
    (818) 781-0293

    I need to thank my former Significant Other ( who is Pilipino) for the addresses. We used to go to the Aristocrat after Church on Sunday and it was always busy. Now THAT is something I am not sure I will get here in Germany!

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    1. re: Gretchen Ehrenberg

      Sorry to say that Pink Lechon is gone, not at the corner of Saticoy and Sepulveda at least.

      Tried Manila Sunset in the Val and it was good!


    2. I don't really understand the cuisine (not the lineage but the appeal--) but there are quite a few filipino restaurants and bakeries in Eagle Rock.

      Eagle Rock also has a number of Peruvian spots. Has anyone tried Pollo a la Brasa (I think that's what it's called) on Colorado at Eagle Rock Blvd? I've not been in a while and I've forgotten what the soup's called but it was pretty terrific.

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      1. re: Deborah

        There's also a Pollo Ala Brasa at 8th & Western. They serve delicious chicken cooked outdoors on hardwood burning stoves; the aroma wafts for blocks. Good soup, salad and dinner plates really satisfy. Be sure and get a can of the favorite Peruvian soft drink to wash it down.
        Marios Peruvian Cuisine at Melrose and Rossmore and Don Felix at Fountain & Virgil Ave. are two other good choices. They have a loyal clientele, mostly expatriots. These restaurants - Ala Brasa is more of a converted hamburger stand - all seem to be owned and run by Japanese-Peruvians, an interesting coincidence.
        Then there is the Pollo Inka chain; the food seems to vary at each location.

        1. re: Ronald Young

          I enjoy the flavors of Filipino food, but the tradition of using very fatty pork takes some getting used to. Adobo is one of the great barbecue sauces ever invented, though. There used to be a place called Nipa Hut in Gardena that had wonderful pork ribs in adobo sauce. I would have gone there more often but the owner was so outgoing that he would interrupt diners' conversations to tell them the history of the restaurant. He would do this every time you were there, telling you the same thing... The last time I was there he told us that he was moving to a bigger location and changing the name, but as he never said where or what he was changing it to, he effectively lost touch with all of his customers.

          Regarding Peruvian food, another good place is La Cabana on Redondo Beach Boulevard which is open for breakfast on weekends.

          As regards El Pollo Inka, in my opinion the food is still best at the original location on Hawthorne Boulevard in Lawndale. Most of the others don't have the oak-fired rotisserie that makes the chicken taste so good. I was told by the manager that they wanted to have the same cooking method at the other locations, but the AQMD vetoed it unless they bought some kind of expensive air scrubbers. The original loacation is apparently still grandfathered in. If this is true, it means we won't see many new barbecue joints... Does anybody know about this?

          1. re: Richard Foss

            Unfortunately, barbecue restaurants are very much under the thumb of the AQMD. I'm not sure I've ever heard anything sadder than the great Mr. Phillips' account of his travails before the SCAQMD board.