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Jan 2, 2008 09:59 PM

Fudgelato, Alameda - have you tried it?

I just read some reviews online about this place, haven't heard anything from the chowhounds..Ruth, others? It's supposed to have fudge, gelato, & candy.

2353 Santa Clara Ave
Alameda, CA

M-Th 12-9
F 12-10
Sat 11-10
Sun 11-9

2353 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

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  1. I tried it a couple months ago, shortly after they opened. The gelato was a bit icy ( I had dulce du leche and .. straciatelle I think. Both were decent but nothing to rave about. I havent been back since. Tucker's normal ice cream is still my go-to for frozen treats in alameda. Ice cream dock over on Island (by angelfish) keeps their stuff (Lappert's) WAY too cold and hard packed for me. Too bad.

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      What about Loard's down at South Shore/Alameda Towne Centre? I wandered in there the other day when I was shopping, just to check it out, and I'm trying to remember to go there when I'm actually going to buy ice cream!

      As for Fudgelato ... didn't I post on it when I tried it? Maybe not. Nothing to write home about: Gelato Classico is good, but not unique, the fudge was okay, but I actually like the fudge at Tucker's better, and at that, I'm not crazy about store bought fudge: it's mostly too waxy for my taste. But then, I spent years learning how to make classic cooked fudge at home, so I'm verrrrrrrry picky! I actually wonder about all these small shops that have those slabs of fudge -- it seems like none of them have the equipment to actually make fudge on site, so I've been wondering if it's a mix or a machine/mix combo. You know, like where you buy a machine and the prepackaged ingredients to go into it, and you "make" the fudge on site ... but not really.

    2. This was a good mention from Alameda Magazine. The gelato is Gelato Clasico. The only thing made in-house is the fudge. Any tried that? From the link ...

      "BEFORE TONY DOUMITT JOINED HIS PARENTS' RETAIL SHOE BUSINESS, HE WORKED AT RESTAURANTS—cooking, bar tending and managing a Chevys in San Leandro. He was therefore well qualified not only to manage Fudgelato ... but also to make the fudge ($11.95 a pound) when his folks, Robert and Shirley Doumitt, decided to transform storage space adjoining their eponymous shoe shop into a fudge, candy and gelato store. It was mom Shirley’s idea to line the shelves with glass apothecary jars, giving the pristine, modern place a delightfully old-time feel."

      Hmmm ... sorry I missed the holiday gelato flavors ... spumoni, gingerbread, pumpkin, peppermint bark.

      1. Good thing Fudgelato isn't in SF because the name would mean something else. Seriously unintentional kinky name.