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San Marzano Tomatoes in OC

Where can I find these without having to trek to the boondocks? (I'm in central OC) It shouldn't be hard, but I'm clueless.

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  1. If you can, try Costco.

    1. Central OC: Claro's in Tustin (on Main Street just off Newport Blvd.), or Cortina's in Anaheim, on Orange just east of Brookhurst.

      1. I bought them at Gelson's Market in Newport Beach a couple of years ago. Give them a call but I would be suprised if they didn't have them.

        1. I assume you are asking about canned ones and any italian market/deli should have them. Gelsen's,Whole Foods, and Bristol Farms has them too. Costco does NOT.

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            The 3-pack of 28 oz. cans that I picked up at Costco are labeled "Napoletano San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes of area Sarnese - Nocerino D.O.P. With Basil leaf" and have the 3 official seals and each can has a unique serial number.

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              wow thats great. I was wrong, I hope my local Costco has em also.
              Thanks for the clarification :-)

              I bought my last ones from Claro's @ $2.29 per 28 oz can-Carmelina 'e...San Marzano. The sales person said they import this brand and thats why they were half the price of the other brands they carry...

          2. Amazing as it might be...most Ralphs carry them in the canned tomato section!

            1. I think the company that canned the tomatoes is equally as important as the tomato being from the San Marzano region. I like La Valle, any italinan deli/store should carry or they are available online.

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                A lot of "San Marzano" tomatoes aren't actually from the region, or even from Italy in some cases. Tomatoes from that region will have a "DOP" stamp, so if you're looking for authentic canned tomatoes that are /from/ there, read the label carefully. In particular, I believe the "San Marzano" brand that Whole Foods features (white container) is from the US.

                That said, I think the non-DOP "Cento" brand ones are pretty good.

              2. The least expensive ones I've found at Wholesome Choice (corner of Culver and Michelson in Irvine). Last week they had the whole, crushed and diced. They are too expensive at Bristol Farms.

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                  Drive to Santa Monica to Guidi Marcello. You'll find the best tomatoes.