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Mar 21, 2001 11:40 AM

Good eats near Burbank airport?

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Can anyone recommend a place to have a nice dinner near Burbank airport? Is there someplace that isn't too far away since I need to take a friend back to his hotel in that area? We'd be up for any type of food.


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  1. g
    Gretchen Ehrenberg

    Not terribly far is THE SMOKEHOUSE in Burbank across from the Warner Studio lot.
    If you want Sushi, Yamakawa in Toluca Lake on Riverside Drive.

    1. For me, almost any drive to Burbank Airport is an excuse to eat at Chili John's. Which serves, like, chili -- Green Bay-style, for the historically minded. And pineapple cream pie.

      1. There is nothing right by the airport except the Daily Grill in the Burbank Airport Hilton, and the food there is mediocre, the service excruciatingly slow. There are a number of adequate places near the Media Centre, including a Market City Cafe which is decent. If you want something a bit exotic the Greek and Middle Eastern food at Blue Pyramid is good. That is no more than fifteen minutes away if you don't get lost looking for it, twenty if you do. (I count it that way because I always do.) It takes at least that much time to get a glass of water and a menu at the Daily Grill.