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Jan 2, 2008 08:50 PM

What to do with freeze dried shitakes?

I bought freeze dried shitakes on a trip to the US last year but never have been inspired to try them. In fact, I don't even know how to reconstitute them and googling didn't give me a clue. Do you have some good ideas how to use them? I live in a part of Mexico where I can buy button, crimini, portobello and sometimes oyster mushrooms at the supermarket, but that's it. Thanks for helping.

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  1. soak in hot water. The water itself is a great cooking ingredient, wonderful for broth, soup and sauces.

    1. I second Quine.

      You can use them on all sorts of things -- pizza, stir fries, etc. -- just keep in mind that the reconstituted dried are stronger than the fresh.

      Loads of recipes on FoodTV and Epicurious.

      1. You can also reconstitue in a broth -chicken, seafood or beef. (Let sit in liquid for at least 30 minutes). Check the stems, if they reamin hard cut them off and just use the caps. Sometimes I add a little wine with the broth. I prefer broth to H20-more flavor. Mexico - ok so, next time you are making enchiladas, soft tacos or even tamales, use the mushrooms. They're flavorful and meaty. Add to omelets or stir fry with sausage, onions and potatoes. Add with other mushrooms and make a mushroom stew! YUM. :)KQ

        1. I made this recently and switched up the mushrooms in the dish because i had a package of dried shitakes in my cupboard for two years or more. It was really good.

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            Thanks for all the replies. I just moved and have not been doing much cooking lately. I llike the idea in soaking in broth. But, im nomad, I usually can't get sharp cheddar here either, so that recipe's out for now. In fact, I have only found sharp cheddar once in 6 years, in a supermarket which often carries mild cheddar, and I think it was a mistake! I bought all I could store. Other gringos snapped the rest up in no time when the word got out! Sams here sells what they call sharp cheddar, but it is no way sharp!

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              while the recipe called or a specific cheddar.... i used what i had in the fridge, which i'm pretty sure was just a run of the mill big block of medium cheddar that i had purchased as part of a fundraiser at work !! I made this after googling the ingredients i had in the fridge..on a saturday morning, when i was expecting company that afternoon. I didn't have a high quality cheese in the fridge at the time ! However, thankfully i often have a lot of strange and wonderful ingredients in my pantry and fridge!

              I'm not sure if this would work in a soup....but i up the "sharp" factor in my mac and cheese white sauce-cheddar base, by adding a bit of yellow or dijon mustard to the mix, to make it tangier. Could help punch up a milder cheese.