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Mar 20, 2001 09:21 PM

Angel's in Venice, CA

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Well, against my better judgement, I returned to Angel's, the cafe on Venice Blvd. near Abbott Kinney. It is in the parking lot of an industrial park. I ordered the hamburger with homemade ketchup and fries. When asked how I wanted it cooked, I said medium. When it came it was so well done that every drop of moisture was cooked out. The bacon was so overcooked that it would make decent bacon bits. The cheese was a very mild Longhorn cheddar. The Ketchup was actually a tomato/onion salsa. The bun was dry and didn't even have any seeds, pure white bread. The fries were actually Tater Tots. I would have sent the whole thing back but I went there in the first place because I was in a hurry and they were not busy (I wonder why). The burger was $8.00...a lot for such a mediocre burger. Islands, in the neighborhood, has a very tasty burger on a great bun for $6.00. When the bill came they charged me $18.00 for the burger. They quickly corrected the check when I pointed out the error. I was on my way. I drove past Islands on the way to Angels and didn't stop because the parking lot was packed with crowds flowing out the doors. I realize that is burger is not a true test of a restaurant but this is a joke. Has anyone had a good experience at Angel's? What is a good value for the money? I hate to see a place fail but these guys are just asking for it. The best thing on the menu the last time I was there was a fresh beet and goat cheese salad. It has been taken off the new menu, lunch and dinner. I really want to like this place..I just don't get it... what is the secret...what am I missing here?

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  1. My wife and I went to Angel's a couple of months after they opened. The food was not bad. My wife's chicken was better than what I had. However, price is an issue for what we had. It was also a little weird that they served the meal in a bowl. Nice people, very welcoming. The owner even threw in a free dessert. But it all comes back to price. I ride by the restaurant about 3 times a week on my bicycle and notice that they are advertising Sat. and Sun. brunch. If anyone has tried the brunch I would like to hear how it was? On another subjet we went to an Elmer Dills pick up in Torrance last night. Restaurant Christine. Nice little neighborhood place with good service. However the food was just OK. Although the "Obsession" dessert was good. But again, for a total check of $75 plus tip, it will probably be our ownly visit.

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      I was there for brunch. That is what my original post was about. It is a menu brunch with nine dollar eggs and eight dollar burgers.