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Jan 2, 2008 08:05 PM

Back Door Bakery, Silver Lake -- Closing in 2 weeks

Back Door Bakery, Silver Lake -- Closing in 2 weeks.

That's all I know.

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  1. Whoa, wonder what's going on there. As much as I appreciate the hominess of the back door, I can't imagine they were looking forward to the LA Mill machine opening up, what with their superior coffee and Cimarusti menu.

    1. They were kicked out by Merna, the lady that owns Modem & also the building. There is a sign posted on their door explaining the situation.

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      1. re: alison

        If they close back door cafe then where am I supposed to get fried egg sandwiches with grilled onions?

        What is the situation? Do they need to make room for more stores that sell designer children's clothes?

        1. re: EatinThePizzaNaked

          Ha! That's very funny.

          I heard the landlady hated them.

          Maybe they can move into the LAMILL after it shuts down in 6 months. It looks like they have free parking there.

          1. re: EatinThePizzaNaked

            Seems to me that they should be talking to Shannette at Flor Morena, and trying to move into that facility on Rowena. Would be win-win, but that might be too much to ask for!!!

        2. That is really too bad. They are an icon of Silverlake. Everytime I go there I see well known musicians, writers, and actors.

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          1. re: John1603

            One of my favorites :(. Sure, the coffee was better at Intelligentsia, but the food was delicious and unique.

          2. I will be picking up Orange Almond Croissants until they shut the doors on me...This is SAD news.

            1. The original comment has been removed