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Jan 2, 2008 07:13 PM

Extract vs. Oil vs. Flavor

What are the differences? Are there specific uses for each? For my first batch of peppermint bark, I used an old bottle of McCormick peppermint extract. It turned out quite well, but I thought the peppermint flavor could have been better. I visited Penzey's and unfortunately, they don't have any peppermint extract. So I bought organic peppermint flavor from Whole Foods. It has a more viscous consistency than extract, but I think I actually preferred the flavor from the extract (or perhaps I needed to use more of the peppermint flavor). I also have some peppermint oil and am wondering how that would work in the bark.

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  1. My bottle of TJ's peppermint extract is apparently nothing more than peppermint oil that's been diluted in alcohol; so I'm guessing that oil may be more worth it I guess. I've actually never heard of flavor but it sounds intriguing: did you read the ingredients list?

    1. This is a great online supplier of flavoring extracts, oils and concentrates. Their website is also very informative on what the most appropriate uses are for extracts, oils and flavor concentrates. (scroll down to the bottom of the page...under the subheading of product information, there are links to 'about essential oils', 'about carrier oils', etc.

      i believe the differences of alcohol and oil-based products make one more ideal for flavoring beverages and the other for baking/cooking due to heat stability.