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Jan 2, 2008 07:09 PM


Here's a few of MY favorites...would love to hear a few of yours FLA! I'm looking for places that the main dishes are under 10 bux.

1. Enriquetas - Cuban Miami

2. S&S Diner - American Miami

3. Dona Raquels - Mexican Pompano

4. Luis Galindo's Latin America - Cuban Miami

5. Sonny's Steak Hogies - Phillys Hollywood

6. El Rey de las Fritas - Cuburgers Miami

7. Chipotle - Burritos NMB

8. Lorenzo's Cafeteria - Italian NMB

9. Joe's Takeaway - Fish Sammies SOBE

10. Sushi Deli - Sushi NBV

Honorable mention: I'll reserve this for later posts...

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  1. Le Sandwicherie- salami provolone (SoBe)
    Epicure Market- tunafish salad sandwich (SoBe)
    Macaluso's Market- Meatball Parm (SoBe)
    Charhut- best burgers (various locations)
    Front Porch Cafe- breakfast bonanza (SoBe)
    Pizza Rustica- SoBe locations only
    I second Sonny's Steak Hogies in Hwood.

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    1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

      I second everything else you mentioned!

      And would throw Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in there as well...

      1. re: netmover

        Yes, Jack's should be on this list and so should La Spada. My list is similar to my response to the recent quick serve thread.

        1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

          For ten bux...Quick Serve will be the lions share...although I tried to balance out the cuisines, Quick Serve and Cuban seem to rise to the top on this post.

        2. re: netmover

          I Second the motion to add Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers as well! Fresh meat, cooked while you wait, and lots of condiments available to build your own burger. Pompano Beach location is my favorite. Is the Fort Lauderdale Federal Hwy one still open?

          1. re: Eatster

            Yes, I was just there a few weeks back.

      2. Calypso in sammies.

        Heads or Tails Seafood in Miami.

        1. Doesn't anyone like Shortys? I think they have good food and great prices for what you get. The one in Davie is where i go.
          Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers is pretty good.
          Char Hut, not bad.
          There's not alot i have tried unless a chain that is inexpensive here, Shooters if Moderate to Expensive.

          1. El Nuevo Siglo (Calle Ocho and 13th Avenue) - Cuban Food
            La Esquina Nica (Flager and 16th Avenue) - Nicaraguan Food
            Mi Rinconcito Mexicano (Calle Ocho and 20th Avenue) -- Best Authentic (non-gourmet) Mexican Food in Miami
            Con Tutto (Calle Ocho and 13th Ct) -- brick oven uruguayan style pizza and parrilla

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            1. re: karmalaw

              better karma! I am always leary of trying the restaurants in that area. Thanks for putting your cosmic karma stamp of approval on them! Have you been by chance to Esquisito? Calle 8 and +/- Domino Park. It won Best of Miami in the New Times several years ago.

              1. re: netmover

                Actually, I think Exquisito is almost awful.. I've had a few things and I can't understand what the New Times was thinking. I haven't been there since their kitchen fire a few months ago, so perhaps things are improved. El Nuevo Siglo (to which I've been going to for years now) has by far better food -- and a far more authentic atmosphere (for those reading -- they are primarily a lunch place and the counter closes before 8 p.m.).

                Oh, and El Nuevo Siglo is a great place to buy Argentine wines -- very reasonably priced and they have a nice selection -- inlcuding ones you don't see everywhere, like the Luigi Bosca D.O.C. for $19.99.

                1. re: karmalaw

                  I wish I had read your post again prior to hitting Exquisitos for lunch last week! You were spot they garrned a Best of from the New Times bogles my mind!

              2. re: karmalaw

                Ah, you've tried El Nuevo Siglo! I still think the food there is better than Versailles. Up until now I thought I was the only Chowhound that has eaten there!

                I will have to try the other locations you mentioned. I've been to Con Tutto for the chivito, but I wasn't too impressed by it. It's just not my taste, but I'll have to go back to try their parrillas and the pizza! Also, I heard there's an Uruguayan place called Los Gauchos on 4315 NW 7th Street in Miami. It's near Patagonia Argentina, another place I want to try, on 4802 NW 7th St. Have you been to either, and is it any good? Thanks!

                Oh and I'll like to add something here:
                Colombian burgers at MAO. It's at 8438 SW 40th St, in Miami. I drool for them more than the Cuban fritas!

                1. re: mialebven

                  Con Tutto's problem is that it's not consistent - the parrilla can be very good or just okay -- but the price is never bad. Their plus is that all the side dishes are made fresh (i.e. REAL mashed potatoes, freshly made ensalada rusa, and even a great salad). The pizza is uruguayan style -- thick crust and rectangular shaped.

                  Los Gauchos is a great place to buy meat to take home - IF -- they have the imported from Uruguay meat in stock (a 3 - 4 lb packet of lomo -- read tenderloin is around $8 a lb). I was disappointed with the preparation of the food in the restaurant.- and the decor is dismal.

                  I go to the Colombian restaurant on.. hmm. about 10th and Calle Ocho... they have a great deep fried snapper... AND these amazing tiny corn-crusted empaƱadas that are served with the spicy green salsa.

                  1. re: karmalaw

                    Those Colombian empanadas, when done right, are sabrosisimo! A little aji goes a long way. Also, a good Pan de Bono or Pan de Queso with a nice Tinto or Chocolate makes your taste buds quiver!

                    I have been by that place a bazillion times, it's called Sancho something now. It had a different name a while back which always makes me a little leary quite frankly.

                    1. re: netmover

                      Thanks for the heads up about Los Gauchos, Karma!

                      My parents swear by the Colombian empanadas and baked goods at Pan de Bono (a fitting name, if you ask me) east of the Palmetto and SW 8th St (if I remember the street right?).

                      1. re: mialebven

                        I think I am spoiled though when it comes to parrillada.. I've had it too often in Argentina to accept it when it's not scrumplicious.

              3. I am digging up this post as aa sign of the times! Hopefully the FLA will come thru...

                Savoured a Sonny's Famous Steak Hogie today and truthfully doubt you can find anything better for +/- 5 bux north of the FLA Strait. Friggin' Fenomenal! Go for the Iceberg Gorgonzola salad too for 3.15 if you are really a big spender.

                Chow down on Cheap Eats FLA...