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Mar 19, 2001 02:08 PM

Restaurant with private room in Manhattan Beach/Hermosa Beach area

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Looking for restaurant in MB/HB area that has a private room. Would be lovely if restaurant was good/great...but frankly, that's a plus at this point.

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  1. A private room for how many people?

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    1. re: Richard Foss

      Hmm. That's still slightly up in the air, but let's say 60 - 80 people. (A lot, isn't it?) If you have ideas that fall into the 20 - 30 bracket, I'm open to those as well. (P.S. - Richard, I was hoping you would answer!)

      1. re: Jeff Shore

        The place that leaps to mind is Beluga in Manhattan Beach, which has a nicely appointed back room that seats fifty. The specialty is seafood, which they do very well. Beluga is on Morningside drive 1/2 block North of Manhattan Beach Boulevard, and they have valet parking on weekends and a big public lot next door. The owner's name is Ahmad, and the phone number is 310-802-1160.

        1. re: Jeff Shore

          ...Still more restaurants that have private rooms:

          *The restaurant at Barnabey's Hotel has several different spaces that seat groups, but I have not been there since the current chef took over. The consensus I have heard is that the place has pleasant atmosphere, good service, good but not outstanding food, and that the price is high for what you get. I attended a banquet there last year and the food was above average for banquet fare.

          *Rock n' Fish has an upstairs room that seats about forty. The food is very good but if they can't turn of the music in that area then the noise level may make this impractical. (Not that the volume in this area is incredibly high, because it isn't. If this is just a get-together it would be fine, but if you're planning an event with speeches and such, this is the wrong place.)

          *If you're planning a casual occasion, Good Stuff has an ocean view room on the second floor. I think it will seat sixty, more or less. Food is better-than-average coffee shop fare.

          *Ein Stein's in Hermosa has a very nice room upstairs that will seat about sixty. There is a small patio with an ocean view. The food is decent though not exceptional, the beer from their brewery very good. Service has been variable though better on recent visits than when they first opened. Parking is pretty bad.

          That's all I can think of at the moment... I'll post more if others occur to me.