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Jan 2, 2008 06:36 PM

Help with pairings for NapaStyle wine gift

I bought the Cucina Selection wine gift from NapaStyle with plans to do a paired dinner for 6 with the recipes provided. But with the exception of the of the ribs with the Pinot Meunier we were not excited about the paired recipes we got. Here is the link to the wines we were sent and the notes and recipes for each one I am new to wine and would love any help you could give me on food or cheese pairing for these wines.

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  1. Do you want to include all the wines in your dinner? What kinds of food do you and your guests like to eat? Also, what's your level of skill in the kitchen?
    I would be overwhelmed by trying to work with all 6 wines for one dinner. What if you chose 3 or 4, and worked from there?

    1. Hi Desert...

      Alot of these match ideas seem sensible... here's a few more:

      1) LURTON PINOT NOIR: Try a duck or roast pork dish here along with the recommended roast beet salad. Truffle in the recipe should be very favorable for this wine. To the cheese plate add: Epoisses and Chevre..

      2) GERMAN WHITE TRIO: Think simple shellfish dishes, sausages. Emmental is a beautiful cheese with this wine.

      3) LANGUEDOC SYRAH / GRENACHE: This is your straightest "rich red" of the group. The lamb shanks and mushrooms should be great. Also consider venison or grilled steaks here.

      4) ROSE. Interesting that they rec a salmon & fennel dish which has been the subject of a recent thread here. A variety of great seafood dishes should work here.... Your favorite oyster or sardine dish,... Bouillabaise looks really nice here too.

      5) PINOT BLANC. I might prefer the German trio for the thai take-out. I like cream dishes here... cream, butter, garlic... seafood or fowl... Chevre and Gruyere for the cheese plate.

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      1. re: Chicago Mike

        Thank you Mike! This was just what I was hoping for. I was also thinking of taking Viki's advice and trying to do two dinners using half the wines each time. What do you think?

        1. re: DesertGal


          Somehow I see the German White Trio and the Pinot Noir in one meal and the Pinot Blanc and Languedoc in the second meal...

          Add the rose to either of the above, depending on the complete meal, or serve it for a third meal.

          To make this very memorable dining, add a nice dessert with matching dessert wines.

          1. re: Chicago Mike

            I second that. I would have fun doing a series of 2-3 dinners, and Mike's suggestions sound great.