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Jan 2, 2008 06:31 PM

Review - Domaso Trattoria in Hotel Palomar, Rosslyn

It's been about 10 years since I lived in Arlington, and back then I don't recall Rosslyn being all that hip - so I was taken aback walking into Hotel Palomar, into Domaso restaurant on the 4th floor. The trendy, upscale decor and the mood lighting reminded me of the bar at Hotel Angeleno in LA - except instead of looking out over freeway traffic, there was a fantastic view of Georgetown with its tower and lights across the river.

(Nice bar, by the way. We enjoyed a fruity array of mixed drinks - don't miss the Brava, with a surprising accent of cucumber.)

For starters, I particularly enjoyed the polenta with blue cheese appetizer: the toasted polenta has a nice texture/slight crunch that pairs well with the cheese lava. I tried my best to discreetly lick the plate! The rosemary and cheese breadsticks are not to be missed. Several in my party ordered salads - the rustic bread salad was the hands-down favorite.

Domaso features northern Italian cuisine - though I wasn't impressed with the gnocchi & langoustine pasta dish I ordered - a little bland despite being drowned in butter sauce. A much better choice was the beef tenderloin, which was well-flavored and perfectly cooked.

For dessert I cleansed my palate with a trio of homemade sorbets - the Mio, Tuo, Suo featured Prosecco with peach, raspberry and I think orange flavors. Also stole a bite of the delicate tiramisu...heavenly.

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  1. Thanks for an informative review, Chowdown. Hearing about that polenta is making me really hungry! Keep up the great posts.

    1. I went for RW and was very impressed. Having just come back from Italy in November I was happy to see some authentic items on a Rosslyn no less. They also offered the entire menu for RW which I think is a smart idea for a new resturant. The bar was already filled with people - seems its already become a "scene." Best was the artichoke salad and the veal chop. Hope this place does well - its nice to have a decent upscale option in Arlington.