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Mar 18, 2001 11:10 PM

black cod

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I like the black cod at Shin Jung but sometimes Korean's a bit much-- I'd love to know of other black cod spots, especially mid-Wilshire on east.

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  1. Try the black cod at Saito's Sushi on Sunset Blvd. east of Hillhurst.

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      Try the Black Cod at Asakuma's Restaurant.....
      it's on the second floor of the building at the
      Northeast corner of Wilshire and Barrington, just west
      of the 405.....

      1. re: Ralph Ahn

        Sorry......I meant the NORTHWEST corner of Wilshire and

        1. re: Ralph Ahn

          Am I alone in caring that black cod is on the Audubon/Monterey Aquarium list of endangered and/or polluting species?

          I love the versions I've had at Hong Kong-style restaurants but have been eschewing (not chewing!)it.

          I realize that bringing up such issues among food nuts can be problematic, but I can't help but believe there must be some kindred spirits out there.

        2. re: Ralph Ahn

          A Moist and most excellent Black Cod dish can be found in a little Chinese restaurant on Pico Blvd. in West L.A. Restaurant = Hop Li Chinese Restaurant.

          1. re: Ralph Ahn

            Isn't black cod smoked the same as Sable in delicatessans?

          2. re: Tom Armitage

            anyone know (i guess Tom knows) if tsukasa sushi serves the black cod dish? and any other good cooked seafood dishes besides sushi/sashimi?

          3. I have had Black Cod many places and it is usually overcooked and quite salty. The best I have ever had was at Matsushisa. Not everything I had there was great and I am not a regular there. It was just so much better than any that I had ever had.

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            1. re: Larry

              I agree with Deborah. Matsuhisa has the best black Cod,perfectly cooked with a subtle, heavenly streak of dark sauce.