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Jan 2, 2008 06:14 PM

Boystown Veggie

Hey All,
I was hoping to get some suggestions for low to moderate prices chow-worthy food in the Boystown area. I've done the Chicago Diner, just curious what other nearby options there might be for my vacation. thanx in advance!!

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  1. check out and

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    1. re: marina13

      I'll do that.... Do they list buy neighborhoods?

      1. re: rozz01

        no, they don't, but you can always map it out to see what's closest. i think that pick me up cafe might be closest to boystown, it's farther north on clark. it's not a strictly vegetarian restaurant, but they have lots of options.

        1. re: marina13

          I also saw a pierogi place that seems close to the hotel... that seems like a takeout option..