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Good Cassoulet in L.A. or too bad no way?

Winter is officially here and I'm itching for a really fine Gascony style cassoulet. Is there any restaurant in this town that can give me a good scratch. For me the U.S. bar was set
by the cassoulet I had at Jules Bistro in Manhattan a couple of years back. It was perfect.
Cannellini beans, sausage, duck confit and spices simmered together for hours so all the
flavors meld together. Perfect cold weather comfort food. If any of you houndly ladies and
gents could give me some tips for a like experience locally I'd be doggone grateful.

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  1. Pinot Bistro rotates it into their menu. When they have it, it is really good. Duck confit, sausage, beans, the works.

    1. Good versions can be found at Chez Mimi in Santa Monica (26th South of San Vicente) and Mimosa (Beverly West of Fairfax). Neither will replace the memories I have of the exemplary one at Le Central in S.F. but will do nicely for local.

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      1. re: New Trial

        I second Chez Mimi. BEst I've had in LA. I've never been to France, though.

        1. re: Diana

          I'll third Chez Mimi with some reservations.

          1. It's the only cassoulet I've ever had. 2. Everything else on the menu was fine but not wonderful. For bistro cuisine I like Pastis and Mimosa both much better.

          I did enjoy my order though.

      2. Linking ...

        Pinot Bistro
        12969 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

        Mimosa Restaurant
        8009 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

        Cafe Campagne
        1600 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

        Chez Mimi Restaurant
        246 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90402

        Le Central Bistro
        453 Bush St., San Francisco, CA 94108

        1. Once a month Vermont holds a special Cassoulet dinner. It's not soaking in goose fat but all of the sausages, duck, lamb, and pork fat make up for it.


          1. Its been quite a while, but i had good cassoulet at Petrossian on Robertson in BH

            1. I thought I saw cassoulet once on Lou on Vine's Monday supper menu. It wasn't there the last time I ducked in on a Monday, but once upon a time it was there.

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                I was in Lou recently & they had Jan. 7 posted as their next cassoulet night.

                1. re: katydid13

                  Awesome. I can cure my craving for cassoulet and pig candy in one shot.

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                    Sadly, I had to scrap my plans for Lou last night. Did anyone go?

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                      I did. It was awesome -- a perfect meal except for the fact that I couldn't get seconds. I didn't realize they paired wines with it.

              2. Thanks all. You gave me some great suggestions. I'll be off to get my dose this week.
                Or maybe more than one so I can go off and hibernate.

                1. Great recommendations everyone. Bechamelmacho--Just want to point out that it was 70 degrees on the day you posted this:)

                  Let us know if you find the Cassoulet you seek so we can all try it too!

                  1. Pastis on Beverly Blvd. (near Crescent Heights) makes an excellent cassoulet.

                    8114 Beverly Blvd.
                    LA, CA 90048

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                      Which, sadly, they have removed from their menu. I went yesterday (Jan. 6), and was informed that not enough people were ordering it, so, au revoir cassoulet.

                    2. Wow, you must be psychic! I was just about to post the same query, except I was going to ask if there were any places that have cassoulet at lunch, and preferably on the westside.

                      1. If in the Valley you might find, if you call, that Mistral has it on the menu. I have had their cassoulet and it is quite excellent. Start with a steak tartare appetizer (preferably split with another person) and move on to the cassoulet. A good red wine would be the perfect foil for both dishes. I personally would go with a Rhone or a California Syrah or Petite sirah. They have a reasonably good wine list and I am sure they would be able to accommodate you.

                        1. Had a great one at Mimosa about 4 years ago. Don't know how it is now.

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                            They serve cassoulet all year in Paris. Thoumieux is famous for it. The chef @ Mimosa won't do it until it's COLD. I've tried for the past few weeks. I'm trying Mimmi tonight at this sites recommendation. Hope spring eternal. I might settle for a great Paella if anyone knows where to get it.

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                              There is really only one great paella place in Los Angeles. La Espanola Meats (the Spanish food market) does paella on Saturdays. Call and reserve your portion.


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                                The paella at La Espanola is proper, but great may be pushing it some. It's the stuff somebody's aunt would make, served on paper plates. That being said, it is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

                                The cassoulet Laurent Quenioux was making all November at Vermont in Los Feliz was magnificent - much better, in fact, than the cassoulet I had at Thomieux. I don't know if it's still on the menu (December is coq au vin month), but I suspect that you could get one if you called a couple of days ahead.

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                                  The qualifier for "great" was "in Los Angeles." By that standard, great applies.

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                                Every now and then Mistral in Sherman Oaks has it on their specials menu. I have had it there before and it is excellent.

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                                  Mistral is just like eating in Paris - noisy room, great food, attentive waiters and the irritable host hands on and always directing the flow and the food - just like in a good French restaurant.

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                                    I love Mistral. If I know I'll be in the valley, I try to go to Mistral. It's been several years, but I've had Cassoulet at Petrussian on Robertson. I recall liking it.

                            2. La Cachette on little SM BLVD; serving for lunch as well as dinner, i THINK.

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                                I was there for dinner last Saturday night. It was not on the menu. P.S. Terrible service.

                              2. I am surprised nobody has mentioned Cafe Stella in Silverlake. OG francophile eats, decent wine list and excellent cassoulet during the winter. menu is solid and great atmosphere. while you're there check out the cheese store next door and try some of Intelligenstia's coffee (it is what starbucks wishes it could be).