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Jan 2, 2008 05:37 PM

Restaurant Recommendations - 1 Night in Rome near Termini Train Station

We'll be spending one night in Rome near Termini Station (Hotel Sonya) before going down to the Amalfi Coast. Would appreciate recommendations for nice lunch and dinner out.


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  1. Trattoria Monti, 13 Via di San Vito, some love it, some are underwhelmed.It was the best dinner I had during the week I spent in Rome last Thanksgiving .Check this board and google it as it has drawn much attention after NYT food critic Frank Bruni gave it a good review.

    1. If you would like something lighter, Trimani Wine Bar is just up from Piazza della Repubblica- plates of pasta, a soup (lentil when I was there in mid-December), lovely cheeses, what I'm guessing are great sausages, etc. Oh, and delectable desserts- creme brulee of rice and pistachios and a citron glace, anyone? Plus wine. Really excellent wine. I think Agata e Romeo is nearby as well, do a search for opinions. Buon viaggio!

      1. Monti, Agata, and Trimani are three excellent options, all very different. Depends what you want. And what day of the week it is.