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Jan 2, 2008 05:33 PM

things you put ketchup on

In cleaning out the fridge, we found 2 open bottles of ketchup. What do you like to put ketchup on?

Growing up, when my mom made meatloaf she would spread a mixture of ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar over the top before she baked it. We used to fight over the ends...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A cafeteria 'chef' I briefly worked for put huge globs of it on salad instead of dressing.
      The thought still makes me shudder!

      1. My mom (Korean) used to make this fried rice dish which was her way of using up old rice. She'd stir fry some diced potatoes, carrots, onions and some kind of meat by product usually Spam (a Korean favorite) with the rice. Then she would season it with a little bit of sesame oil and black pepper. Then, she'd beat an egg and fry it up in the pan to make a big yellow eggy disc. She would mound the stir fried rice concoction on a plate and then put the egg disc on top and give it to me with a ketchup smiley face.

        Anytime I get near Spam, I want to make this dish. My husband thinks it's the weirdest thing to put ketchup on.

        BTW, my mom called that dish omerice (omelet and rice) and I don't know she learned that somewhere or just something she made up.

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          my mom also makes that, even now whenever i go to see her. she also puts a little mayo on it. yum yum. i thought my mom was the only one who made it, but then i saw it on this website:

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            how can you make korean style fried rice without kimchee?

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            ok, we must be food doppelgangers or something. My mum made this too! Almost the same, but without the spam. And yes, it is good with the ketchup.

            1. re: calla0413

              omerice or omurice is a japanese style western dish and yes it uses lots and lots of ketchup

              my korean mother never made this dish, unfortunately ):

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                I thought my family was the only one that this. I used to also put a slice of american cheese on hot white rice with a some catsup. Pretty darn good.

              2. My grandfather put it on eggs and macaroni & cheese. I'm with him on the later - but only if it's the quickly thrown together homemade.

                I've witnessed SIL's brother putting it on turkey.

                1. I was told by a Thai cook that many Thais use ketchup to start a pad thai sauce. A quick Google certainly confirms ketchup as a main ingredient in most recipes. Can any Thais on this board confirm this?

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                    I am not thai or an expert on thai cooking, but i know this issue has come up a few times when discussing "good" or "authentic" thai restaurants here in Honolulu. Some of the best thai restaurants here DO indeed use ketchup in their pad thai.