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Jan 2, 2008 05:32 PM

ATL Looking for St. Peter's IPA

My roommate's favorite beer of the moment is St. Peter's Indian Pale Ale.
Alas, it has vanished from the shelves of all of the stores that sale other offerings like the English Ale and Golden Ale (also good, but not the favorite). Previously, we got it at Whole Foods or World Market.
Has anyone seen this around the metro-Atlanta area or have any good suggestions on where to look for it?

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  1. Have you tried Green's?

    1. Green's definitely carries. But why buy a certain-to-be-skunked import in a green bottle? I'd look for something made closer and packaged better.

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        What is be a better Indian style ale that be worth trying?

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          Not to get too pedantic, but:

          India Pale Ale or IPA is a style that originated from the need to brew a beer in England that would survive the long voyage to the Indian colony. What developed were beers with a higher alcohol level and higher level of hops. Most IPAs brewed in the US now are more American in character, using American hops that have a more citrusy, grapefruity character.

          English hops tend to be earthier, and beers brewed with predominately one type vs. the other taste a lot different. Add to that the UK tax system (higher gravity beers are taxed more, which drives alcohol content overall lower), and you get very different beers.

          For American beers, I'd go with Sweetwater IPA for local, then Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale or Victory Hop Devil otherwise. I was trying to think of an English-style IPA brewed here, but Atlantic Brewing (out of Maine, has a few beers available in GA) doesn't seem to brew one. Any of these may be bigger/bolder than you're used to, but they should give you a good frame of reference.

          I looked at a St. Peters bottle in TN the other day, and I think their bottle is either a different green or it's actually brown. If it's brown, that'd help with the shelf life, but any UK import (exc maybe Newcastle) is liable to sit on our shelves without much turnover. If you want to try other UK brands, I'd look at Sam Smith's or Fuller's, two big brands that are likely to have higher turnover in the store. But I really think that, until you get into the 6+% beers (esp the barleywines and stuff that ages well), the UK beers will have lost something during the trip.

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            I haven't made it to Ponce de Leon Green's early enough to look (it's too dodgy a neighborhood for me to feel comfortable at night in a liquor store - call me what you will) but I did get a good recommendation from one person on Dogfish Head IPA. They make two IPAs - a 90 minute and a 60 minute brew. The lighter, 60 is a winner in our household.

            1. re: weremonkey

              It makes me chuckle to hear what some folks think of as "dodgy." My first apartment in ATL was right around the corner from that Green's. You think it's sketchy now, you should've seen it 10 years ago- pre- Whole Foods, HD, and Borders within 2 blocks. And it was not there but in Morningside (definitely not sketchy) where my car was broken into 2X and my roomie's was stolen.

              OK, enough of the hard time- my sister-in-law left a great house right off Highland for the safe, gated confines of 'phretta. So you get to serve as proxy for my internal-monologue ridicule of their privileged existence.

              Dogfish is a great IPA and IIPA. If Victory's Hop Wallop is still on the shelf, it's another good IPA. As is Great Divide's Hercules for IIPA.

              You should check out the new, improved Tower on Piedmont or the Green's on Buford Highway. Unless titty bars make you nervous (next to Tower), these will be less threatening environs.

      2. We will try Green's on Ponce de Leon this weekend.

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          If you're close-ish to Kennesaw, try the new Total Wine place on Barrett Pkwy in the Target shopping center (used to be Media Play). They carry over 1,000 beers including several IPAs that I've spotted and my favorite Dutch and Czech beers. Pretty good prices too.