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Jan 2, 2008 04:31 PM

Semi-Veggie Anniversary

My SO and I are celebrating our anniversary and I want to go out for a special dinner. I am vegetarian and he is adamantly omnivorous; any suggestions for a romantic place that will suit us both? I am a grad student, so it would help if it is not ultra-expensive, but it is a special occasion so I can handle some splurging. Thanks!

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  1. Mother's ( is reasonable and dimly lit, although the tables aren't exactly private and the dress code is "hippie". Not that I'm complaining about come-as-you-are dress codes, it just doesn't make for a romantic atmosphere.

    1. My husband & I are the same - I'm a veg and he's not. Places we've both enjoyed: Chez Nous (although I may have broken down and had fish here - I can't remember), Wink (we went there for an anniversary and they printed out special, personalized menus - perhaps a little cheesy, but a nice touch just the same), Mansion at Judge's Hill (went there for a special xmas dinner and we were both very happy with it), Jeffrey's. I've wanted to try Starlite - their menu looks good for both of us. Happy anniversary and good luck finding just the right place.

      1. Eastside Cafe has a nice veggie plate. My wife is NOT a vegetarian and still orders it. Search this site for many reviews of Eastside. If you haven't been there, it is kind of romantic and cozy. You can eat pretty reasonably or splurge if you want.

        1. We recently had a great semi-veggie birthday dinner at La Traviata. I'm not strict veggie - so I didn't inquire if our dishes were made with chicken broth for example, but we both had non-meat dishes that were quite tasty. Hubby had butternut squash gnocci and I had risotto with parmesan and truffle oil. I thought the gnocci was a bit soft in texture, but the taste was excellent. The risotto was smooth, and done just to my liking....Add in a salad and dessert (no wine) and our meal was quite reasonably priced I thought.

          1. The tasting menus at Zoot: One veg one not--might be out of the price range, but they are both extraordinary dinners.

            For cheap: Go to Artz Rib House: He gets whatever meat he wants, and you get the Grilled Veggie plate--the veggies are terrific.