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Jan 2, 2008 04:28 PM

duck confit question


I'm going to make my own duck confit. My duck legs are salted and ready for the oven but I'm having a little trouble tracking down duck fat for the cooking process. A few recipes I've looked at online call for olive oil instead of duck fat.

Any thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages/flavor differences in the finished product if using olive oil instead of duck fat? What about a combination of duck fat and olive oil? (I have a little duck fat, just not nearly enough.)

thanks in advance!

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  1. Flavor is the big difference and cost. If you can use a mixture of duck/olive over olive alone. Chicken fat would work too.

    1. I have a related question so will piggyback in reading the responses. My SO has been asked to make duck confit for the 80th birthday of a friend. Neither of us havve ever done it.

      Is it possible to separately buy duck fat for purposes of making this?

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        Yes. You need to find a fancy restaurant meat supplier. I SF area it would be Preferred Meats. BTW I have gotten unrendered duck fat from Chinese butchers. The just pulled it out of ducks and weighed it with the legs I was buying. I'd use a flavorless oil not olive if I were doing it that way.

        I just heard about a way of making confit that I had not heard of before: Set the oven for 150 degrees F bring the fat up to that temp. Slide in the room temp duck legs. Turn it up to 170 for an half hour. Then back to 150 for 5 1/2 more hours.

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          In NYC, it's generally available at the somewhat higher end grocery stores. I know I've seen threads about where to find it on various regional boards, so you might try searching/asking on yours. D'Artagnan is a good online source.

        2. You can also use goose fat, which tends to be a bit cheaper.