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Jan 2, 2008 04:26 PM

Piece in bucktown - good thin pizza???

I LOVE thin crust pizza and so does my dad - he heard Piece was ranked one of the best - we thought we might go while in town - does everyone agree or is there someplace better ... only thin crust no big deep dish please!!!

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  1. It's OK. I wouldn't make a special trip for it. I'd suggest Spacca Napoli or Coal Fire for a more neapolitan pizza, and Marie's or Vito and NIck's for a cracker crust.

    1. I actually like Piece a lot. It's very similar to the New Haven-style pizzas. That being said, I like Coalfire and Spacca Napoli a lot too and prefer them to Piece. Between Coalfire and Spacca Napoli, I prefer Coalfire's crust but Spacca's toppings. If you like an all around crispy crust, you might prefer Piece. Coalfire has the tastiest thin crust, with beautifully crispy, charred bubbles all over the edges, and crispy/soft in the middle. Spacca is a traditional Neapolitan crust with beautiful charred, crispy spots on the edges but very soft in the middle. So which pizza you choose really depends upon which style you prefer.

      1. Piece is also a microbrewery, so if you like good beer along with good pizza, you should definitely go here.