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Mar 15, 2001 09:27 PM

Saturday breakfast in Pasadena/East Valley?

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I'm looking for a place to take a friend for a special 40th birthday breakfast. We want to go on a Saturday around 11am, and want to be able to make a reservation. I had heard Marston's was great but they don't take reservations at 11am.

Any suggestions? We'd like good breakfast foods, and a nice atmosphere, and not a buffet. Does something like this exist?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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  1. I have heard good things about Julienne in San Marino but have not been there yet myself. Apparently they do a bread-pudding-style French toast with fresh peach sauce (seasonal only, presumably). Perhaps worth checking it out.

    2649 Mission St
    San Marino
    (626) 441-2299